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Can tape-in hair extensions damage your natural hair?

Can tape-in hair extensions damage your natural hair?

Let’s face it, one of the biggest fears that assail us when we decide to use extensions are the repercussions that these can leave in our hair, and it is not for less, since at first glance some procedures to place them look aggressive.

However, all this is nothing more than myths and taboos that exist around certain beauty procedures, not just extensions. Here we will tell you exactly why there is no risk in the placement of these accessories and how to avoid falling into false information about it.

What are tape-in extensions?

When it comes to extensions, there are endless varieties to choose from to suit your current and future needs. You can view and shop online hair extensions at our site. One of the most popular is Tape-in hair extensions because they offer many benefits.

Some of them range from firmness in the hairstyle, as well as the invisibility of the joints, achieving an effect of abundant hair as they happen unnoticed without problems. One of their greatest advantages is that Tape-in extensions are very light, comfortable, and relatively easy to attach.

Tape In Extensions
Example Of Tape In Extensions

They are made of a surgical adhesive so they do not cause allergies or problematic reactions, this system of extensions consists of very thin adhesive strips, approximately 4 cm wide where the hair is placed, they are usually comfortable and practical.

They come in rows that are placed as a curtain in different layers of hair, do not need machines, whether heat tools or other devices and do not require extra accessories to adhere to as they come in a presentation ready to assemble. The quality of the hair will depend on the type of hair you have chosen, as they come in everything from synthetic to Remy.

One of the strengths of this particular system of extensions is that they are very easy to attach and you can use it with or without help, of course, to achieve a more professional volume effect, it is more advisable to be assisted by an expert.

Pros and cons of Tape-In extensions

Generally, using extensions does not pose any risk to natural hair unless the instructions for care and placement are not followed correctly, and the person placing the extensions is not a professional or at least someone qualified.

While they do not pose a danger in and of themselves, this does not mean that they can’t harm, many reasons can lead to your hair suffering and none of them are directly the fault of your extensions.


First of all, we must be fully aware of our hair and its weaknesses before even thinking about making any changes to it, although it may not seem like it, it has a lot to do if for example, our hair is weak, brittle or if we have hair loss problems.

All of this determines which extensions are right for us; if you have weak, brittle hair and insist on using Tape-In extensions instead of less dependent ones, you can’t blame them if you lose a strand or two when they are removed.

Tape-in extensions can irritate if not placed correctly, so it is best to have them installed by someone skilled in the area. They should be placed ¼ inch away from the root because if not done properly the adhesive can move, causing irritation and a lot of pain.

Another disadvantage is that these particular extensions require much more maintenance than the others as they are more prone to breakage and tangling. They require a lot of patience on the Can Tape In Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair?part of the user, especially after placement as they take about 48 hours to fully adhere, so washing hair, difficult physical activities, and liquid should be avoided at all costs.


Properly placed and with the right maintenance extensions not only look good but make us feel good. In the same way that many people seek them for simple aesthetics or to change their look following current trends, you can see thousands of people seeking to improve their image to feel good about themselves.

These cases can be people with partial baldness, alopecia, very thin hair, growth problems, or slow growth. Beyond aesthetics, it is also a way to treat physical problems that otherwise would only generate insecurities.

The installation time of Tape-in extensions is much less compared to other hair systems; it takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes and if applied correctly can remain in the hair from 6 to 12 weeks.

They are much more comfortable than others because they are very light so you lose the notion of wearing extensions. They are very popular due to the comfort they provide to the user. They blend naturally with your hair so no one will notice them and they are also reusable, you can put them in and take them out without problems but it is recommended to do it with a stylist experienced in tape-in extensions.

How do I know if Tape-In extensions are right for me?

The fastest way to make a decision is to consult a professional stylist, with whom we can study our hair in depth and compare it so that we can decide on the most viable option without affecting our hair.

Once studied our case, you should always opt for the best quality as this guarantees greater durability, a spectacular view, and the result you want if you fear having to change them in a month or not. It is well known that Remy extensions can last up to more than a year as they do not deteriorate at the same rate as natural vintage hair.

Tape-in extensions are excellent companions for all hair types, especially thin and fine hair because of the weight factor. They are designed not to discomfort the wearer in any way regardless of the type of hair they have and with them, you can try a wide range of styles and changes for all occasions, the limits are set by you.

In case you need professional help to understand better which hair extensions are better for you, you can visit our color matching page.

Feature Image 11Zonzz

Application of Tape-In extensions

The process of placing these extensions begins first with the cleaning of your hair, this must be free of any impurities or hair products that may hinder the placement, such as oils, dyes, foam, among others.

Once you have removed any material that may hinder the installation, proceed to the application, which starts at the back of the head following a horizontal line located a few millimeters below the root of the hair.

With a comb, a lock of hair is lifted from below the horizontal line where the first adhesive extension will be placed. With the lifted strand the next extension is placed on the tape of the first one pressing with a little force.

In short, two rows of extension are placed for each portion of hair in succession until the desired amount is reached. Ahead of hair can be worn from five to twenty extensions on the back of the head only, once this side is completed, proceed to the sides and so on until the process is complete.

For the result to be completely satisfactory it is necessary the assistance of a professional stylist who is in charge of doing it well. There are many techniques to perform this process, one of the most famous and versatile is the “brick” layering technique, which leaves very little room for gaps or missing parts of the hairpiece.

After the installation, any beauty work you wish will be done so that you leave the salon looking stunning.

2 1 1 Scaled

How to care for your hair while you have extensions

One of the most important steps in establishing a hair care routine for your new hair is moisturizing.

Why is that?

Because cut hair does not receive the nutrients and natural oils that it would normally receive if it were still attached to the head, and although some of our natural oils can reach them, it is not always enough.

Natural products as well as moisturizing masks and conditioners based on oils, natural oils, or aloe vera are excellent for maintaining shine and greatly facilitate the combing of locks. It is also recommended to apply creams with vitamin E or omega 3 because these serve to renew the hair strands and are very beneficial for the hair.

Brushing and styling:

Another way to care for hair with extensions is by brushing it constantly to keep it free of knots and placing it in a sheath preferably silk or cotton overnight to prevent tangling. It can also be loosely braided or you can opt for silk pillowcases for your pillows.

Hair Extensions For Styling


You should avoid exposing your hair to hostile environments such as seawater, especially if your hair is treated with dye or straightening treatments as they can damage it and your extensions with it.

Heat tools

When it comes to permanent hairpieces, it is best to go to a salon when styling styles that require heat tools. This is because tape-in extensions are attached with special adhesives and it is best not to touch the joints to avoid melting them.

However, in terms of use, as long as the extensions are made of human hair and not synthetic fibers, there does no impede using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of safety and longevity, it is best to go to the salon, but if you are in the middle of an emergency and need to resort to them there is a little trick you can use.
– Separate your hair delicately by feeling the bonds and apply the heat a few inches below where the bonds are so you don’t put the adhesive at risk.
– If they are braided and braided yarn, try not to pull hard and avoid applying heat near the beginning of the joint.
This way you will be able to make a quick change if you do not have enough time.

In terms of care and aesthetics, it is not advisable to use this type of extension because there are many “don’ts” that go with them.
You can’t apply heat tools such as hair dryers and irons, you can’t over-wet them, you shouldn’t wear them for too long and you can’t dye them.
They are a good option if your budget is tight and you need a quick change, but they are not something you should wear permanently. To take care of them you should try to keep them untangled at all costs. Avoid heat and dry clean if possible.

The answer is yes, as long as they are at least made of natural hair, as it is impossible to do so with synthetic hair. The best way to apply dyes without fear is to moisturize thoroughly first, with special emphasis on the extensions, and then proceed.
It must be done by a professional to avoid tragedy.

A visit to the salon may be all you need to polish them up a bit again, usually cut hair gets a little frizzy when it needs treatment, that’s why moisturizing is such an important factor when it comes to wearing extensions.
Part of the damage that can be caused by using these accessories comes from the improper use we give them, especially if we have bad care of our hairpieces.

Although most of the time there is no risk in the use and application of this type of modification beyond the one that we can cause ourselves if we are not aware of certain factors such as:
– The professional level of the stylists: since it is something delicate and we cannot allow a bad job to damage our hair.
– The quality of the extensions: always the natural, Remy, virgin, or simple harvest are better than any synthetic material and allow us to make many changes within the same as it is the dye, straightening or curling treatments, elaborate hairstyles, and others.
– The level of care we have towards them: hygiene and personal care define the durability of products like this.
– The environment: although we do not need a specific climate to place extensions, we must take into account the environment to maintain them, excessive heat, water, salt, cold, or humidity are factors to take into account as they directly affect our hair.

After all, we are talking about cut hair and without the supply of necessary elements to regulate it, which is why we must proceed to take care of it properly from exposure to the elements, such as the use of thermal masks, special caps, and hydration and avoid frizz with good foam.


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