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You Absolutely Should Try Our Hair Extensions! But Why?

You Absolutely Should Try Our Hair Extensions! But Why?

It is normal that when we are browsing social networks, we see perfect hair and we wonder what treatments all those celebrities do to achieve such abundant and radiant hair, but do I tell you something that perhaps you do not know? Most, if not all, use the best quality extensions that allow them to get the most out of photos for their feed. It is not impossible for you to wear hair as magnificent as that of all these girls, at Izabel Hair you have a wide variety of human hair extensions that are perfect for any woman, they are of the best quality that you can find in the market and we assure you that will not mistreat your natural hair at any time. If you are interested in looking like one of these beautiful influencers, read on and find out why clip extensions are what you have always been needing in your life and did not know.

If you are considering giving your hair more length and volume, you are surely trying to choose from a lot of brands that offer you different extensions, but with us, you will have the best human hair extensions that will accompany you at any time and will easily adapt to any hairstyle you want to try. There are girls who spend many years and money trying to find hair extensions that make them feel completely happy with the results, but it becomes a laborious task because few brands offer extensions with completely human hair and when using synthetic hair, you end up seeing fake her hairstyle.

The famous synthetic extensions abound in the market and some people even offer you human hair and give you synthetic hair! These extensions are very easily damaged, hair falls out, tangles, and are extremely heat sensitive, you can hardly do any hairstyle that merits the use of hair straighteners or curling irons. Having so much variety makes it difficult to make the right decision and this could lead to regrets. Do you know what factors you should consider when choosing extensions? If you don’t know, here we will tell you all the secrets and then you will understand why the Izabel Hair extensions are perfect for you.

Get The Best Hair Extensions In Market

Izabel Hair Extensions Are Very Easy To Maintain And Place

There are many methods to apply for beautiful extensions but, at Izabel Hair, you can choose clip extensions that you can put on yourself without having to constantly go to the touch-ups in the beauty salon and you can also take them off whenever you want! This system helps you save a lot of money because being extensions of the best quality, they will remain as new despite the passage of time and even more if you take care of them correctly. You can get rid of them when you want to wash your hair or when you need to take a nap, you will avoid all kinds of discomfort and when you decide to go out and want to show off your beautiful hair, you will only need to hook them up again and that’s it! It couldn’t be easier.

To take care of clip extensions you should follow some expert advice that is really simple. We recommend not scrubbing them when you wash them because this could cause the hair to come off, use a mask that provides the hair extensions with the nutrients they need, always wash them with cold water, and avoid combing them while they are wet at all costs. Avoid applying heat to dry them, it is best if they dry naturally to reduce exposure to heat as much as possible. If you follow all these simple steps, you will be able to wear your Izabel Hair extensions for approximately six months, without a doubt it is a worthwhile investment and you will be able to get the most out of it.

Izabel Hair Offers Te Best Hair Extensions

They Are Perfect For Anyone

Clip extensions do not have a minimum or maximum age to show them off in all their splendor, it does not matter if you are underage or an elderly woman, you can also wear lush hair! If you are a teenager but you like to follow the trends of the moment and you also want a hairpiece that looks abundant and chic like those of the divas that you follow on Instagram, you can choose a clip extension that goes perfectly well with your natural color and not to is left behind in the world of fashion.

It is also a quick and safe solution for all women who have alopecia in some areas of the scalp, it is no longer necessary for them to have that insecurity that can be corrected quickly. Although it is normal that over time the hair becomes less abundant and that is not bad, if you want to maintain the youth in your hair, this option is perfect for you and will not leave you any negative consequences. Recover your self-esteem and regain voluminous locks that will make you feel like a diva at all times and in all places.

Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Try Hair Extensions

They Are Friendly To Your Natural Hair

Many methods to place extensions end up mistreating the root of your hair and the hair leather, this can cause it to fall or break, in addition to requiring constant maintenance that must be carried out by a professional, why risk losing more volume if your intention is to increase it? Izabel Hair clip extensions are perfect because they have silicone hooks that will allow you to keep them fixed in your hair throughout the day without the need to comb or adjust them. The best thing is that to wash or detangle them it will not be necessary that your natural hair is also compromised in the process, you only need to remove them and wash them as usual.

It is best to stay away from any procedure that could endanger the health of your hair or your scalp, if any of the other techniques is done poorly, it can have serious consequences such as deep burns due to poor quality keratin or that your natural hair is plucked when you are combing it. Although at the moment it does not seem something serious, when the extensions are removed you may see that the volume of your natural hair has decreased and that would be a tragedy for you, who are looking to have more hair.

Choose The Perfect Hair Extension

There Are Perfect Extensions For Everyone!

Izabel Hair clip extensions offer a wide variety of options perfect for anyone, depending on what you are looking for, you will surely be able to obtain ideal ones for you. There are also extensions of many colors so that all the girls who love voluminous hair do not miss out on showing off their favorites. There are also different lengths with high coverage that will look perfectly natural and blend very well with your natural hair.

There is not only one extension design, in addition to the typical design with the classic rows of sewn extensions, you can also choose different models that best suit the shape you want to give your hair, including the magnificent ponytail extensions that will make you look like the iconic Ariana Grande. Are you ready to find the right ones for you? Don’t think twice, looking trendy is something that all girls love.

Perfect Hair Extensions For Days

No One Will Notice That You Have Them On

All Izabel Hair clip-in extensions are made with the intention that no one can tell that you are wearing fake hair! They camouflage very well with your hair and scalp so it will be quite easy to make different hairstyles for you to wear daily or on special occasions. Seeing the difference in color between the extension and your natural hair is not a valid option for us either, the idea is that all the hair from time to time is completely uninformed so if you do not know how to choose the perfect color correction for you, allow an Izabel Hair’s professional stylist will advise you and you can make a purchase that you will not regret.

The other advantage is that we have a lot of experience designing the silicone clips to hold the hair, so you don’t have to worry about making a quick flick or a strong wind blowing past and your extensions flying off! Here we always make sure to carry out the necessary tests so that the clip extensions adhere quite well and do not cause any type of problem, all the ones that you will find in the catalog will give you peace of mind and you will not need to check at all times that they are well placed because once you place them, they will not move.

Get Long Hair Extensions

We Offer You The Greatest Versatility Of Styles

It is true that there are many fantastic techniques for placing extensions and each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but the best thing about Izabel Hair clip extensions is that you can have long or short hair anytime you want without having to go with it a professional to do the respective maintenance. You can choose the look that you like the most without any regrets, are you tired of short hair? You only need to place the clips and again you will have a wonderful mane.

Although you cannot play with colors so much, it is true that there are several models of extensions that will allow you to add some reflections of your favorite color to your hair, but the best thing will always be to respect your base color so that you can camouflage the extensions very well. There are also extensions of different volumes that will help you better control the amount of hair you will have, nowadays extensions with many strands are very in trend, but if you are looking for a more natural style, you can also choose one that has a little less volume.

Huge Diversity And Variety Of Hair Extensions

Wait No More, Your Hair Wants To Shine!

Listen to your hair, you want to look like a star and we want all women to feel beautiful when the wind caresses their voluminous hair and there is nothing like taking some photos, and that the greatest attraction is your unique hair. Trust the opinion of professionals and dare to wear a different style that you will undoubtedly want to be part of your day-to-day. If you want to dye your hair, you can also dye your extensions without any problem and if you know how to follow the steps to take care of them, they will last a long time and make the most of them.

At Izabel Hair, you have all the products you need to have that hair you have dreamed of for a long time and if you don’t know how to use them correctly, our stylists will be happy to help you find the perfect extensions for you and that you can wear them at all times. Remember that you have the option of combining them without any problem because being completely human hair, they can resist direct heat very well, so you should not worry about the smell of burnt plastic left by synthetic extensions.


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