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Can everyone wear hair extensions?

Can everyone wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions are immensely popular, it is no wonder, especially because of their versatility and how amazing they look. From famous celebrities walking the red carpet to your colleagues at work, you will find most use hair extensions to enrich their hairstyle.

But when looking at the pictures in magazines and media influencers sharing their most recent look, it is normal to wonder, can I wear that? Is it possible for me to wear hair extensions?

Whether you have tight and defined curls, short hair or thin strands, you will find that there are options available to you.

Regardless, buying hair extensions like the ones found at Izabel Hair Extensions is a good idea, since they can be styled in any way, to match your natural curls or to add length to your short hair.

But let us go into more detail.

A type to match your needs

It is important that you do your research regarding hair extensions, all while taking into account what you are hoping to accomplish and the natural state of your hair.
For example, shorter or finer hair will require more care when installing hair extensions, both to blend and to protect the strands which is why you may need to go for tape in extensions instead of clip-ins.
But you must also know whether you want to add color, length or volume.



● Installing hair extensions on short hair (tape-in extensions)

It may seem like adding hair extensions to your short hair might be impossible, but it is not, you just need the right extensions and the right stylist. However, it is a difficult procedure (especially the shorter the hair is), so be patient with yourself.

Whether you had a bad haircut, are tired of waiting for your hair to grow, or simply want to change things up, you can not go wrong with a few sets of hair extensions. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it would never work for you, but that is simply not true.

Tape in hair extensions is one of the best ways for you to go from short hair to long hair in a short amount of time. However, they require the help of a professional to be installed, especially because they are going to be installed on short hair.

They are invisible and lightweight wefts that require zero tools or chemicals to be applied, they simply adhere to your own hair. In instants, you will have the volume and the length you desire.

If your hair is at least 3 inches in length, you can wear these hair extensions. Mix short and long extensions to create a layered look that will blend in easily and perfectly. The sweet spot is between 14 and 18-inch hair extensions so be on the lookout for that.

Choose a seamless brand and watch the magic happen. Since the tape in extensions are installed onto your natural hair, as your hair grows, your extensions will start to go down as well.

After installing the extensions it might be apparent where the tape in and the natural hair meet, this is why you require the help of a professional stylist. The stylist will texturize and thinning out the top layer of your hair so both parts can blend better.

Since this is a semi-permanent type of hair extension, you will be sporting that wonderful lengthy and voluminous look for a few months. No one will be able to distinguish your natural hair from the extension.

Before 2 Scaled

● Installing hair extensions on short hair (clip-in extensions)

However, there is another method. This method includes the use of clip-in extensions like the ones found at Izabel Hair Extensions.

For this method you will also need to have hair that is at least 3 to 4 inches in length, this is because you must clip the extensions below your hairline. If your hair is too short, you won’t be able to cover it with your hair.

Since you have short hair, you need to take into account the weight of the hair extensions. Regardless of if your hair is naturally thin, it is best that you go for a set that is heavier than your own hair.

This will help to hide the blunt ends and make the transformation of short to long smoother and unnoticeable to others.

First off, brush your hair and the extensions. If you are looking to wear your hair in curls then you must curl the hair extension before installing it, if you are using it straight and the extension has curls, then use a straightening iron.

For an easy guide on how to use clip-in hair extensions check this video.

Next section the lower part of your, right near the nape of your neck and braid it. The reason behind this is that this way you will be hiding the strands of hair that always seem to peek through the hair. Wrap this braid in a little bun and pin it with a bobby pin.

Similarly, this is where you will be clipping in your first set of hair extensions. Start with the 3 clip wefts at the bottom and when you start getting closer to your ears, switch to the 4 clip sets.

With the smaller hair extensions, clip them into the sides to create volume. The main thing here is being strategic with the placement of the wefts, this is so you cover as much of your natural hair as possible

You will have to add hair extensions higher than usual, but this is a necessary step, just leave enough hair on top to cover the wefts. Do remember to style the hair together so the blunt ends blend perfectly with the hair extensions.

Some tips you can take into account to make the most out of your hair extensions are trimming and layering the hair extensions to improve their capability to blend in with your natural hair. Use a hair spray to seal in the look or apply coconut oil to smooth the look.

● Hair extensions for curly hair (applying heat)

One of the disadvantages of curly hair is that it takes longer to grow, which is why using hair extensions is a great way to solve this issue, or if you simply want to increase the volume of your hair. Not to mention that the texture of curly hair makes it so easy to hide the clips.

Get your hair extensions of choice and let’s get to it!

Feature Image 6

First off, it is important that you wash your hair and moisturize it extensively, so it will maintain the curls. Always use a heat protectant when using heat, otherwise the hair strands will start to become unmanageable and your extensions ruined.

Brush the hair extensions to remove tangles and get a nice, uniform base to work on.

Pick a barrel that fits the curl pattern you are going for. Smaller barrels make smaller, tighter, curls, while bigger barrels make, obviously, bigger curls and are easier to work with to make waves.

Now, either install the hair extensions and start to curl them with your natural hair or hang the hair extensions and curl them there. The hanger will make it so the curls are more precise and it is easier to fix mistakes in the making of the curl.

Curling being over with, you can use a detangling brush (or your fingers) to separate the waves and make them look more natural, or you can simply leave them as is. You can also leave the extensions hanging overnight so gravity will make them loosen.

● Hair extensions for curly hair (no heat)

You may not want to subject your hair to damage (even with a heat protectant), but that doesn’t mean you should give up on using hair extensions. There are other ways.

First, start off by washing your hair, conditioning it, and then letting it dry in its entirety. Make sure to spray the hair extensions with a mix of water and moisturizing oil.

Take out all the wefts you will be using and braid them in a 3-strand style. Depending on the natural pattern of your curls you may want to go for smaller or bigger braids, so they match the regular state of your hair.

Let the hair extensions dry overnight, for as long as possible, until they are completely dry. If you are pressed for time you can try a blow dryer, just remember the heat protectant and hair spray.

Once they are dry, you can begin to undo the braid either with a rat tail comb or with your fingers. By the end, you will have some amazing curls that will match your natural hair texture!

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● Honestly, anyone can wear hair extensions!

Yes, no matter your hair texture or hair type, you can wear hair extensions. You just need to know your hair needs and goals, no matter what you can always make hair extensions work in your favor to bring out the best in you.

Things to consider before buying hair extensions

Now that you know that anyone and everyone can rock some amazing hair extensions, you must want to get some of your own, right? I do not blame you, you deserve to give yourself a gift that will last you a long time.

Of course, there are many places where you can buy hair extensions, and there are also a lot of brands, types, and styles. But another thing that is super important is going to a reputable store and brand.

You will want to get the best, high-quality hair extensions, and for that, you must buy Remy hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are made from hair that was cut in a way in which the cuticle is not only unharmed, but all strands face the same way.

This will prevent unmanageable hair and will make it last longer. But where will you find them? Well, you can go visit our online shop and choose some of the best models. Our products are well tested, trusted by hundreds of happy customers and we provide free color matching to every customer.

Sometimes brands advertise Remy-hair but only a few strands are actually classified as Remy, the rest have a broken cuticle. Or they are mixed and matched with different lengths of strands, which will make blending more difficult.

You can try the hair extensions over at Izabel Hair Extensions for 100% Remy hair extensions that will blend with ease, bring out the best in your hair and make every one of your outfits shine. You can choose a color that is a few tones lighter or darker to add highlights or contrast to your regular hairstyle.

Do not settle for less than you deserve and do not believe brands that claim low prices that do not make sense considering the so-called quality of their product. Making hair extensions is a slow, expensive process, which is why you should always go for quality over price.

Give yourself a gift and buy a set of hair extensions from a brand that catches your eye or has the type of extensions that you are looking for, but be mindful before buying.

Happy styling!


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