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Trend Alert!! Don’t miss those face framing highlights.

Trend Alert!! Don’t miss those face framing highlights.

Throughout the decades, different ideas have emerged to highlight the style that everyone wants to wear. These range from clothing, makeup, accessories and one of which has been a very important factor when it comes to innovate is; The style or cut of our hair. For the hair there are many components to mention, but one of the elements that marked the history and the world of fashion were the highlights. These emerged from the 40s, and consist of making discolorations by portions of hair and at the time were a very laborious work that not everyone was encouraged to perform, in the next decade, the style was accentuated and although they were not yet perfected, they began to be more common. From the 70’s with the hippie generation, more colorful styles began to be seen and the way in which the highlights were seen by society began to change. However, there is one style that revolutionized the 90’s and is now making a comeback.

If you want to try something else, here are some other styles in case you decide to try something else. Here are some ideas to use:

Types of highlights and how to wear them

  • Chunky Highltights: Chunky Highlights are large strands of bleached hair in lighter shades placed at the front of the head in what would be the bangs. In the 90’s, these bleachings despite not having a wide variety of colors as seen today, knew how to represent elegance in people who used it and, today, thanks to the great possibilities that exist when changing the hair there can be endless shades and degradations thus giving a unique touch to each person.

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  • Baby lights: This type of highlight is intended to simulate the reflections that occur in the hair of babies. To elaborate this type of style, the hair separated in strands is worked by lifting it from the base and applying it with shades less than your hair color, creating a shiny effect without reducing the natural factor. Usually, this type of degradation is worked on brown or blonde hair tones and the time it can take in its elaboration varies from 40 to 60 minutes. In addition, the finish is not only blonde but can also be caramel or ash blonde.


Now let’s talk about time, with proper care these bleachings can last about two months, after this time it is advisable to retouch with your trusted hairdresser and thus continue to look amazing.

If you want to know how these styles looked like in the 90’s and nowadays, we recommend you to look at Jennifer Aniston and also Jessica A lba.

  • Underlights: These are highlights that are done underneath the top layer of the hair. In this case, the bleaching will not be visible to the naked eye, because it is underneath a layer of hair, it is necessary to pick it up a little, in order to highlight its application. For this model, there is no special hair tone since it is a modern style and in fact, its range of colors is very wide, but here we will recommend you some models like the blonde Underlights, which is a classic touch, the localized Underlights for a subtle tone and the rainbow Underlights if your tastes are quite radical.

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The length of time it lasts will depend on the quality of the product and the care or frequency with which you wash your hair, so it could be anywhere from two to four months. The length of time you decide to retouch the colors will depend on how intense you want it.

            This style has been seen more focused on singers and influencers like Evaluna Montaner and also Aitana Ocaña.

  • Hair Contouring: It consists of highlighting the shape of our face giving light with lighter tones; this style has the peculiarity to stylize a face, whether it is more oval, elongated or square. Here is the peculiarity, if your face is rounded, you should illuminate the top half with a light tone that goes from the root, passing through the ear and part of the front locks.

If your face is elongated, the secret is to have a dark root and from the part of the ears towards the tip creating lighter and brighter highlights.

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On the other hand, if your face is square, the intention is to try to reduce the distance between the forehead and the chin area. Here the secret lies in varying the dark tones that start from the root to lighter or brighter tones that reach the jaw and go back to the dark tone, this will create an oval effect on the face.

Last but not least, if your face is heart-shaped, highlighting the lower half of the face, from the ears to the jawline, is a good way to compensate for how wide the forehead area tends to be. For this reason, a dark tone should be applied from the roots to the ears and balanced with brighter tones to the ends. This will reach the strands closest to your face.

This style is usually seen with classic tones such as brown, always taking it to blonder tones and vice versa. The time to have these unique bleachings varies from 10 to 25 minutes and remembers that the duration time will always depend on the care and quality of the product you use.

            This style can be seen perfectly on actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kadarshian, and Miranda Kerr, three clear examples of how you can play with bleachings and flatter your face.

Although all these styles share similarities, there is no denying that each one has a unique touch, without a doubt you will look fabulous and fashionable. Try to ask your stylist for recommendations after each application so there are no complications. Applying heat, not using a proper sulfate-free shampoo, not taking into account treatments before applying the strands, considering the porosity of your hair, and not moisturizing it enough can encourage the strands to fall out and damage your hair as a whole. Therefore it is always good to have the help of a specialist on hand to guide you on what to do and what not to do. Prevention is the best weapon to avoid future hair problems that we do not want, the minimum is dandruff, but we can even break our hair and lose it.

It should be noted that no matter which one you choose to try, the key point is that you feel comfortable with what you wear and how you wear it. This type of highlights are suitable for all face types, hair types and sizes if you have enough self-confidence to wear it. You won’t regret wearing them! Remember that being daring is the best weapon against monotony; you should at least every three months do something new with your look to always look fresh and impress everyone with your spontaneity. You will be the envy of the whole office, friends, EVERYONE who sees you.

I hope this article has helped you and pushed you out of your comfort zone, see you in the next article!




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