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The Secret of Becoming an Elegant Bride

The Secret of Becoming an Elegant Bride

It’s no secret that one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life is her wedding day. It’s that moment that unites families, brings friends together and brings out the best in everyone’s heart because it represents the purest and noblest of human beings, love notably when they see their elegant bride dressed on a flawless dress.

Now a wedding is not only love, it is also planning, ways and responsibilities. It is also the moment that decides whether the bride will shine the way she wants or not. After all, not everything is beautiful and mistakes can happen that prevent everything from happening.

Underneath it all, there is always one difficult decision that can lead to shining on the runway on the way to the altar or during the party and that is the hair.

Yes, hair, how you combine your look can make a big difference and on such an important day, a good advice on how to wear it is not superfluous.

 A Dress To Shine

First and foremost you need to consider your dress, there is nothing more important than that because that is what you start working with; high, short, mermaid cut, princess cut, super flashy or simple and understated, the truth is there are many to choose from and the same goes for hairstyles.

But if there is one thing we know for sure is that one cannot shine without the other and your choice of hairstyle should have the sole purpose of highlighting that beautiful dress that you took so much care in choosing.

What You Should Keep In Mind To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Dress

First of all, take some time to think, yes we know it’s a special date and you need to be on top of the event, but that doesn’t mean you will stop being yourself and it shows a lot if you don’t feel comfortable in your attire, so the first thing you should consider is your style; what you like to use, your favorite colors, your preference for accessories etc.

In the same way, your hair and what you choose for it should reflect your personality, while up to the occasion, finding a balance is key to achieving the perfect look for you.

Details For Elegance

Small details are also important and most bridal hairstyles have matching headpieces. Although they are ideal for embellishment, many brides make the mistake of choosing them incorrectly, completely ruining the look.

Some recommendations to avoid this are that no matter how flashy it may look, sometimes the idea you have in mind doesn’t quite pan out. Therefore, the choice of accessories should be meticulous, do not be guided by flashy crowns or flowers that end up completely out of line.

Sometimes the classics are a good option because they are timeless, items like pearls that have been used for years are still trendy and have always been a brides favorite, some accessories like the following can be your next bridal headdress:

– Bows: satin, tulle, silk, satin, velvet, and stop counting; bows have always been an extremely versatile element that makes all the difference, and sometimes something as simple as a loose hair tied in neat bows with a silk bow can be the perfect hairstyle for your special day.

– Decorated hair clips: little friends that should not be missing in any hairstyle, they are so varied that sometimes it is difficult to choose, but for a wedding, it is always advisable to choose them for two things; the first is taking into account the embellishments of the dress, such as rhinestones or lace and the second is by color.

The barrettes should not always be ornate, for example: if your dress is sober and unadorned, an ornate barrette will look perfect with a matching hairstyle; but if your dress is ornate and very eye-catching, you can consider using simple or plain barrettes, as well as you can also use a slightly ornate one in the same way as the dress as a combination.

– Tiaras: because we all dream of looking like queens or princesses, tiaras are an excellent option if you have the idea of using a veil, but be careful, keep in mind that tiaras are very flashy and looking good with them is harder than it seems, a restrained hairstyle is best because, this way the veil and tiara do not give the impression of overloading the look, they are also perfect with a loose and simple hair.

– Natural flowers: perfect to combine with the bouquet or the decoration, besides being compatible with any dress and hairstyle, they are the favorite for all weddings.

And so many more decorations can serve, as long as you have creativity and a good eye to highlight what you already bring. Now, all these ornaments have a purpose and that is to go in your hair, of course with the ideal hairstyle. We know that it is extremely difficult to choose between so many varieties, here we will give you some tips on what hairstyles to use depending on your dress and what accessories to shine.

So many more ornaments can serve as long as you have creativity and a good eye to highlight what you already have. Now, all these ornaments have a purpose and that is to go into your hair, naturally, with the ideal hairstyle. We know that it is very difficult to choose among so many varieties, here we will give you some tips on what hairstyles to use depending on your dress and what accessories to shine.

Under Hairstyles And Recommendations

Every bride is unique in every way, mainly because each has their individuality, the best part of any wedding is when they bring this out in the overall look, as well as leave a small imprint of their personality in every detail of the event, from their favorite color on the cards to their playlist on the dance floor, every wedding is the representation of the bride and groom’s personalities and as such it is not surprising that this is a very important element when it comes to dressing.

This is where the hard part comes in, putting it all together and making a beautiful bride is not easy for many reasons, a poor choice of dress, a stylist who is late, the decorations you asked for never arrived, all this combined with the nerves of the moment, yes it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Well, it’s not the end of the world, if you look at it objectively it’s not hard to choose, and is that after the dress the essential thing is to know how to improve it¸ that’s where the hairstyle comes in, among the most popular we have:

The imperial braid

This hairstyle goes back to the queens of times past and their fondness for ruffled and imposing hairstyles that gave them an air of grandeur. It consists of a braid that starts at the forehead and goes all the way around the head, so that the hair at the back of the head hangs in a cocoon that hangs down from the braid itself. This hairstyle has many variations, from the thickness of the braid, as well as the direction of the braid, where it starts, or whether or not it goes all the way around the head.

It is perfect for brides with princess-like dresses or wide skirts because it makes the figure look more stylized, it is also perfect for hairpin accessories, especially those in the shape of flowers because they are perfect in the back, right where the braid comes together and creates a beautiful effect.

Braided Mermaid Train

A beautiful option for brides with low-cut or tight dresses and is ideal for working with natural flowers or accenting with a tiara. Braids are one of the most commonly used elements in wedding hairstyles, as they are versatile and can be combined with a variety of decorative elements. However, it is advisable to choose this style if you will not be wearing a veil, as it would overshadow the hairstyle.

Braids are already a great decoration that will stand out in a very elegant way if you use the right accessories like beads and flowers.

Discreet updo

There are many variations of this hairstyle and for good reason, this type of hairstyle goes perfectly with all accessories and with almost all hair types, as well as with a variety of dresses, in all cuts and lengths, because it is one of the most classic, its high and stylized shape allows it to adapt to any accessory as long as it complements the dress well.

These hairstyles usually consist in bringing the hair to the top of the head in a demure and simple style that you can enhance with the accessories you choose, without fear of overloading it, since it serves as a base for both veils and headdresses, the most recommended are hairpins, small flowers or low veils.

Little Big Tips

As you can see, these recommendations for hairstyles and accessories have something in common, simplicity. This happens because the key to elegance is in sobriety, wearing a wedding dress is in itself an incredibly striking action because it is something special that only happens a few times, usually the inclinations are towards long or wide dresses that pass brushing the floor in a unique and exciting walk.

In that sense, the hairstyles and accessories to be worn serve as a special touch that complements a whole image worked into a unique piece, and there is nothing that makes a striking object shine more than simplicity as it allows it to shine by itself.

The best advice you can receive if you are planning a wedding is that your accessories make you stand out with delicate and specific nods to have a balanced aesthetic picture, keep it simple, keep it elegant.


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