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The Best Way to Blend Your Hair Extensions

The Best Way to Blend Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have always been a great way to change your look in just minutes especially with these blend hair models. It’s no wonder that because of this many girls want to try it right away to keep up with the trends, however, you’d be surprised to know that so many things can go wrong in the process.

This is why always being well informed about new styles is a must and in the case of extensions, it is no different. It may seem like a simple thing to just add more strands to your hair, but it’s not and here we’ll tell you why.

Hair Limit, What You Can Do, And What You Can’t Do

Hair is the most important accessory in a person’s image, it makes our face more attractive, enhances our features, and stylizes our body; its care and maintenance must be taken very seriously and that is why there is a whole industry dedicated to its care.

In the same way, it has earned its place in the world of fashion, which is why there is never a lack of new trends dedicated to fashion looks and ways of wearing hair. Among all these trends, hair extensions have remained at the top of the trends.

And we cannot deny that lush and abundant hair is always something to talk about, this is where the success of extensions lies. However, not everyone can use them; when we talk about nourishing our hair we must take into account that it cannot always support it. The type of hair plays a fundamental role and when it comes to buying our desired extensions we must choose the ones that suit us best.

Compatibility: This point is very important because when choosing our extensions they must be the exact type that goes well with our hair and must be compatible in use.

If we have weak or brittle hair, we can opt for extensions that do not pose a risk, such as clip and adhesive extensions because they are not aggressive or permanent so that if we feel discomfort we can remove them and let our hair rest.

Quality: This is where the durability of your extensions is defined; this is why you should make sure you buy a good natural product. Synthetic extensions do not usually last as long as natural hair extensions. In the first case, you should not use heat tools, on the other hand, washing is ruled out because the synthetic material can be damaged.

Natural hair is another case, although these have average durability, with the days they begin to lose their shine and can tangle frequently because there was no control during harvesting and the hair was placed differently from the natural growth.

Although Remy extensions are expensive as they are premium hair, it is worth it to choose a good product at the beginning as the cost can be double if, for example, your extensions are of poor quality. In case you want to continue using extensions you would have to buy again affecting your budget.

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Difficult Decisions

If you notice that at any time your hair is compromised when wearing extensions, there is probably something wrong. Many situations can compromise your hair when using hair extensions, from poor care to a defective product, to poor placement. A professional opinion is essential, seeking second and third opinions is not a bad thing either, so don’t hesitate to do your research before taking the first step.

It is very unlikely that mishaps will occur but it is something you should always keep in mind so that you are not taken by surprise. If you notice any unfavorable changes in your hair while wearing extensions, don’t hesitate to remove them for a while to find out what’s going on.

Some of the mishaps that can occur during the period you have extensions are: mistreatment, hair weakness, dryness, burns from the use of heat tools, split ends, dandruff. Generally, these adversities are caused by two factors, carelessness or a bad investment.

It is important to be clear that if we acquire dubious products and let incompetent hands place them we cannot expect everything to go well, in the worst case we should do without extensions to avoid damaging our hair.

Care Tips

The first thing you should know when caring for your extensions is that although it may seem like it now, they are not your hair and as such require separate care to keep them beautiful and shiny.

Wash with specific products: shampoo without salt and moisturizers are the eternal friends of the extensions and colored hair, if your extensions have gone through dye you should take this into account even more, and we are talking about cut hair that is not getting the nutrients that normally receives the hair through our skin.

Moisturizers are mostly what help to keep the hairpieces groomed, both to untangle them and to give them shine and limit frizz.


Gently comb: Brushing is vital to avoid knots; use soft brushes and try to use them at least twice a day to keep them free of knots and discomfort, it can become very painful to untangle the extensions, especially if these are fixed, practice constant brushing necessary if you want to keep them in the best possible condition.

Braids that heal: Braids and strategic buns are your allies for the prolonged conservation of your extensions, especially at bedtime or on windy days, they help you keep them out of knots as well as allow you to give rest to the hair roots that support the weight of the extra hair.

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How To Blend Your Hair Successfully

The worst mistake you can make when buying extensions is not buying enough of them, and even if you think that buying them only by length is enough, it’s not. When we add food to our mane we must take into account that quantity is as important as quality and if we do not want our hair to look at different levels of length, then pay close attention to these suggestions.

Amount of food: this is the first step when buying extensions because if we buy too few it will be obvious the unevenness in the hair. The purpose of the extensions is to be added to your hair so that they go unnoticed; when the amount is insufficient it is quite obvious what is happening.

How can we remedy this?

Measuring the hair is a practical solution in these cases, as well as being clear about what we want to achieve with the extensions, such as volume or length.

Long hair versus short hair: some people don’t look for extensions just for length; add-ons are highly sought after as they work very well to make hair look thicker, this applies a lot to short or medium length manes, usually at shoulder length, and come to the rescue of people with very fine hair.

Now, the complements are not only for short hair, like these long manes have to be fine hair and to make it look more striking some people choose to feed them.

What Is The Best Way To Do It?

Discreetly, for this type of treatment keratin extensions are recommended as there is no limit to the amount you can add. They come in small strands and are placed in such a way that they go unnoticed for the most part and are a good option for any size of hair.

Colors and contrasts: A good way to conceal the joins is to take into account the color of your hair; if for example, you are choosing your extensions processed with dye, remember that it should go unnoticed with your base color so that the natural transition between one color and the other is visible.

Hairstyles to match: The types of hairstyles you choose for the time you wear extensions should be practical in terms of discretion; if you opt for looks that expose the attachments you may not achieve the desired impact.

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Which styles suit me best?

You can opt for loose styles, complex braids, mid-length style, and lots of slings. Waving your hair with extensions helps to hide the partings giving a unified effect and the looser you wear your hair the better it will look, after all the idea of extensions is to let your hair down and shine.


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