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The Most Valuable Tips To Side Part Your Hair Perfectly

The Most Valuable Tips To Side Part Your Hair Perfectly

As we’ve said in previous articles, every woman is different. Not all of us will have the same haircut and not all of us will have the same type of hair, either straight or curly; since none of us were made in a photocopier, therefore we do not have the same type of face. One of the most characteristic parts of our body is the face, and it is from it that we handle many cognitive abilities, therefore it is the center of our expression. If we want to improve the visual perception that we attract externally, we need to choose a haircut or hairstyle that favors us depending on the shape of our face. This will give us confidence and a better appearance for us as well since the idea is that we mainly like it so that we can show it and others will like it.

Changing our look does not mean throwing our whole salary in the sack, we do not need to shave our entire head and paint it with a yellow tone. With small touches, we can generate changes in our appearance, something as simple as knowing where you can separate your hair to make it look better and this based on knowing what kind of facial shape you have.

If even with our tutelage you can’t figure out which one you are, you have all of the googles to inform you. You can look up runway stars who have similar faces, read magazines, pull up articles, you have so many options to choose from!

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Don’t limit yourself. Mistakes are there to learn from them, and although it is possible that you can wear a hairstyle that is not beneficial for you, there is always the option to change it immediately and look like a queen.


  • Round face

If in your case you have a face that resembles a plate or a soccer ball, that’s okay. It is one of the best thanks to its shape that allows you to mold your hair in a very aesthetic way. Well it is normal that you have a more flattering side than another, we all have it, but we can use the hair as an advantage to emphasize or highlight that little detail. If you don’t know what it is and you think you are perfect from head to toe (which you are), you can take a small piece of paper and cover half of your face, and then the other half. This will allow you to look at your facial features in detail and choose which one is the most beneficial.

A side parting would be ideal depending on which side you choose; complement it with some metallic hair clips and you will be the sensation of your office.


  • Oval Face

If your face has an oval shape you have a blessed face, as most of the hair partings will look perfect on you, so it only depends on your personality and your dressing style. You have the freedom to experiment with multiple styles and hairstyles depending on the length of your hair, and it won’t matter the location of the main cut as your face is made for all of these.

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A small suggestion of many you can try is to apply the parting in the middle of the head, also one next to your ear separating your bangs and even one in the center of the head, but in a zigzag shape.


  • Heart-shaped face

If your face is thin at the tip and quite thick in the middle, you can opt for a parting in the middle of your head, something quite useful if your mane is long to your chest. If you decided on a shoulder-length cut or less, and it’s made with layers of hair, you can use a side parting, this will make your face look more harmonious in terms of complexion. It will slim the forehead and cover up a lot of the areas you consider problematic.


  • Square Face

People with this type of face are mostly looking to slim or curve the silhouette with accessories or haircuts. Side stripes are a gamble that you can’t lose, as they will look gorgeous on you. It will greatly soften the lower features, but you must be careful not to make it so marked as it can make the face look deformed.

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The area to proceed with the division will be exactly above the eyebrow, either right or left, you decide which one.


  • Diamond-shaped face

This face is characterized by being longer, and not so wide. It is another face type that looks best with any type of bangs or hairline. Therefore you should look for one with which you feel good and see that there is a balance between your features, you have many to choose from! The side parting line at the entrance of the eyebrow will always be a good choice as it will help balance your cheekbones.



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