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The best hair styles of 2021

The best hair styles of 2021

We have made a compilation of the best hairstyles that will be in trend this 2021 and we bring them to you in detail so you can apply them! It should be noted that you don’t need to have a master’s degree in hairdressing to practice them, since most of them are very easy to do and will only take a few minutes of your day. Although we do recommend that for most of them you have your hair well cleaned, as we will have many divisions and that will prevent residues of creams or dandruff can come to light, which would definitely not be nice.

These hairstyles are suitable for any type of occasion and any type of outfit, so you set the limit, whether in January, March, or December, with formal or casual clothes, or even at home, they are simply ideal!


●     Low ponytail

Let’s start at the beginning and that is styling our hair. The correct way to use any brush is to brush your hair from ends to roots so it doesn’t break. If your hair is a bit dirty before this one and you have a dry shampoo, it would be ideal to apply some before you start. Now what we will do is to gather the ponytail low, and what matters most at this point is the angle at which we make the ponytail, as it must follow the angle of our jaw for it to be harmonious. If you want you can cover the ponytail with a lock of hair and secure it with a mini bobby pin.

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After this, you have to hollow out the hair a little bit, especially at the back, and cover the ears with the hair. Also, if you prefer you can add a bit of hairspray on the top to avoid baby hair. It is very appropriate for the office, for the day-to-day and also super fast to do.

●     Low bun

We comb our hair entirely back and make a low ponytail as in the previous hairstyle. After this, we twist our hair and twirl it around our own ponytail to create a bun. You can add bobby pins to secure it well and fluff it up a bit to make it look a little less neat.

●     Headband with loose hair

What we are going to do is take a headband in the color of our hair, and we put two portions of the front of the hair and pull them back as we put the headband on. It’s very simple and perfect for a picnic! The idea is that it will make the fringe part of the hair look a lot more voluminous.

●     Inner bangs

We take a piece of the front part of the hair, brush it back and then hide it underneath the hair so that the bobby pin we are going to use to hold it in place doesn’t show. And so we do the other side, and that’s it! This is to give a little more style to your long hair. You can add some waves with a curling iron but it also looks beautiful with straight hair! If you need a little more volume you can simply lift your hair slightly with the palms of your hands and voila!

●     Super high ponytail

We comb the hair very well, as best we can, and make the ponytail in harmony with our face. We can do this by paying attention to the angle of the ponytail line, never go beyond the angle of the chin and the crown of the head. Then we must remove the extra bumps that are under the hair, and we can add a little fixative. Although if you prefer and you have bangs, you can take them out. This is a very typical Ariana Grande style and is ideal for girls with totally straight hair. It is so versatile that we can wear it from the office to a last-minute planned beach trip.

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Another option we can also take is to take a strand of the ponytail and wrap it around the garter to cover it. You can hold it with a bobby pin or simply leave it as we had already finished it before.

●     High ponytail with braids

First, we comb it all back with a strong bristle brush and make a bun at the top. A recommendation is to bend down so you can bring your hair all the way up, all this while brushing well.  Before we put the rubber band in the ponytail, we can use some hairspray around it to hold all the little hairs with good precision. Here the best ally will be our spray or gel. After we have tied our ponytail, we take a strand of hair to hide our garter, which we will hold with a bobby pin.

After we have our ponytail, we are going to start making small braids in the loose part, which we can hold with rubber bands of the same hair color or just leave them loose and secure them with hairspray. You can do as many as you want, but the important thing is that they are not too thick and not too thin. In addition to this, you can add some colored bobby pins in the front of your hair, but this is optional.

●     Boxer braids

To start we divide the hair into two parts, we can do the perfect division or also a little zig-zag to give it a little more of a street look. Once the head is divided into two parts we hold one of the strands and concentrate on the one that is loose. Now, we divide the bangs with the help of a comb which will be our main strand to work with. We divide the strand into three parts and start with a normal braid, with the strand facing downwards so that the braid is on the outside.

Once we have started the braid, we start adding strands from the outside in, always in the direction of the nape of the neck. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect, as it can be left in for up to two whole days. There comes a time when we have taken the hair from all that side, and it only remains to finish the braid without having to add hair, because we are no longer weaving in the skull. You can finish it with a colored garter or one that is the same color as your hair. And now the same on the left side, we divide the fringe again, take three parts and start the braid, taking small strands from the surroundings until it is finished. It is worth noting that you can apply a little bit of fixative to prevent the hair from coming out of the braids, or also if you want to achieve a more tousled look, you can pull the braids slightly to make them look fatter. Another option for this hairstyle is that when you get to the middle of the braid, you can leave it undone and gather the ponytail from there. It looks beautiful both ways, although it takes a bit of practice to get it right at first!

●     Two buns with loose hair

We are going to start by parting the hair in the middle, and we are going to take a strand from the top of our hair. After that, we simply twist the hair into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Just do the same with the other side, comb our remaining hair well, and if we like we can take out two front strands. We can also add thick hair ties to our buns to give them even more volume.

33 9

●     Twisted braid of two

What we need to do is separate the hair on the side and pull it towards where we have done the parting, we are going to take the top part of what would be the fringe area and we are going to divide it in two. This way we are going to start making a cord braid but from the root. It is super easy, we simply twist and add hair to the bottom strand, this way the braid will be tighter and more beautiful. When we reach the height of the ear, we are going to take the remaining hair, divide it in two and continue the braid in a normal way. To make the shape more pronounced or to make the braid more secure we can twist the hair between the braid. In the end, we add a rubber band and start pulling from the beginning to loosen the braid and give it a lot more volume. We can also loosen a few strands from the front, and that’s it!

●     Side knot braid

We are going to take the top part of the hair, hollow it out a bit, and secure it with hairpins, this way we get volume. We take the hair, we pass it to one side and we make a loose and low ponytail, all this to pass the hair between the ponytail so that it is a beautiful knot. We repeat the same step but a little lower, with 4 cm of difference, and so on until we finish all the hair, it should be noted that as we make the knot we must go pulling slightly. You can do more or less as many as you want or as many as your hair allows you to do. Once we have the last strand ready, what we do is to tousle the braid and hold it with a rubber band. Like the previous hairstyle, you can let some strands loose and give it some waves with a curling iron or flat iron.

●     False braid

We are going to take the top part, and hold it with a small rubber band. What we will do is pass it through the middle and we will have a knot as in the previous braid. We repeat this step again but with more hair, so we grab again a little bit of hair with a rubber band, and we pass it through the middle of the ponytail. You can leave it in the middle to make a half updo, or you can make a regular three-strand braid all the way to the end.

44 7

Again you can leave some strands in the front and shape them with iron.

●     Two bubble braids

We divide the hair, take a strand from the top at the crown of the head and make a ponytail. We tighten the rubber band and make another parting between the forehead and the side of the main strand, and from there we take another ponytail. So successively through all the hair, each time we make a separation a little longer. Note that if you want to leave a strand in the front, you should do so before starting the hairstyle. Remember to take out a little bit of each bun after doing it to make the bubbles more noticeable. When you finish the braid, fasten it with a rubber band and start with the other side. If you don’t want the little hairs to come out so much, you can add a layer of hairspray without trying to touch the hair too much.

●     Semi twisted two-strand braid

We make a line in the center, take one of the partings and separate the strand into two pieces. The one at the back we will pass underneath and the other one will be on top, we will release it and with the finger, we will make a horizontal line, passing it again underneath, and so on, always adding extra hair and making horizontal lines with a free finger. It should be noted that the braid should go a little to the sides. Once we reach the height of the ear, we will continue winding only the hair without adding strands, trying not to leave short strands, and we will put a rubber band to hold the braid.

We start with the other side and do the same; horizontal parting, separate into two pieces, pass the back strand underneath, leaving the other one on top, and take another section while we pass the main strand underneath again. We do this until we reach the ear again and start making a normal braid without adding hair. After we are done, we add a rubber band again. Then, all we have to do is to take the parts we have on each side, move back to the nape area and we can knot both braids at the ends. We also add a transparent rubber band or the color of our hair so that they don’t fall apart at the end. And that’s it! The only thing left to do is to comb the loose hair a little to avoid knots.

●     Dividing strands on one side

We start with quite voluminous hair, we can add volume with some waves made with a curling iron. What we will do is divide our hair to one side where we are used to wearing it, and then we divide a part of our bangs, and the rest we put aside with a scrunchie. This strand that we have separated from the fringe we are going to make different partitions, we will take a small strand and we will tie it with a rubber band towards the back but from the root. The amount of strands we make depends on how thin or thick we want them to be, but we can make up to five divisions. And that’s it! Then all that’s left to do is to let the hair down and style it as you like. The trick to this hairstyle is to have colorful hair ties.

First, we are going to divide the hair in all the part of the fringe and put it forward, that is, all the hair that is before reaching the ear, the rest we collect it with a rubber band, then we will perfect the line and take one of our strands, which we will comb as best we can to the back of our head and collect it in a mini ponytail with a rubber band similar to our hair color. Then in the center, we make a hole with our fingers and pull the ponytail through it. We do the same with our other strand and we gather it with a rubber band so that it is stretched, again we pass through the middle hole and what remains is to fix our hair back to make it perfect. If you want to decorate it a little more you can use colored rubber bands and even put different types of barrettes. It is a hairstyle that probably our mothers made us when we were kids, but that doesn’t mean it should go out of style!



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