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Seamless Extensions – What To “Not” Do!

Seamless Extensions – What To “Not” Do!

You must have always dreamed of having long hair like Rapunzel and even though you waited enough, your hair just would not grow, you got up the courage and decided to get some seamless extensions hair, and even though you are immensely happy with the results, you can not help but wonder: what not to do to avoid damaging them?

So you decided to get seamless hair extensions because a friend of yours has them and recommended them to you, and after a while, you notice that your extensions are not as beautiful as hers and you wonder why? It is all down to the care you give them.

Haircare is on par with the care of other parts of the body and we know that one of the things you want most is to have the hair of your dreams and perhaps the easiest and quickest way to achieve this is to get hair extensions.

Good hair extensions can save you a lot of trouble with your hair, you can add volume, texture, and shine to your natural hair, giving you a new look in a matter of minutes.

For some time now, hair extensions have been very popular, especially with celebrities, as they allow you to get a dramatic and “radical” change of look without really mistreating your hair or even coloring it. In order to take care of your hair extensions, you must make a big commitment because we are not talking about just anything, they will be inserted directly into your natural hair, in order to make them last and look healthy, you must follow a series of specific cares for seamless hair extensions.

If you put in seamless hair extensions, it means that you made an investment of money, time, and effort, and the most logical thing is that you want them to last as long as possible without damage. Here we know that one of the things you care most about yourself and your image is your hair because, let’s tell it like it is, well-groomed hair can become a person’s brand and attract looks wherever you go. It can be said that our hair can instill confidence and can become our stamp. What women want most is healthy, strong hair that is hydrated and has structure, for most women, this hair is their most precious commodity, So we have decided to compile a lot of tips that will help you get the most out of your seamless hair extensions.

Today we are going to show you what not to do in order to preserve and conserve your seamless hair extensions, i.e. in clips. You are in the right place, here are the tips you should follow to keep your hair with seamless hair extensions beautiful, healthy and strong.

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Tips You Should Follow In Order To Maintain Your Seamless Hair Extensions.

Seamless hair extensions not only give your hair more length, but they also give it volume, structure, and life in just a couple of minutes.

Because these extensions are seamless, it means that you must take extra care with the clips with which the extensions are attached to your natural hair.

Due to the many processes, you are likely to subject the hair extensions to (e.g. styling, washing, heat, etc.), you should pay special attention to their care so that they do not deteriorate or get damaged easily. If they are a little worn, it will show, and we know you do not want that. So, to make our seamless hair extensions look as good as the first time, you should be sure to follow their tips:

1.   Comb your extensions:

Do not forget to comb your seamless hair extensions at least three times a day to avoid tangling or damage. To do this, you must choose a comb or brush that detangles the seamless extensions very well, preferably a comb with wide or separate bristles, and then gently comb the natural hair extensions, preventing the hair strands from breaking or being damaged. You should do it with a lot of patience and care. Remember that like your own hair, if you treat them improperly, they will be damaged.

2.   Wash your hair extensions once a week:

Just like your natural hair, if you go too long without washing your hair extensions, they can start to smell bad and we know you definitely would not want that. So, in order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you wash your hair extensions at least once a week. You should wash them with warm water and sulfate and paraben-free shampoo for natural hair and a conditioner for natural hair. The health of your extensions depends on a good hair extensions wash, among other things, so you must be very careful during this step.

3.   You can do treatments or masks:

To maintain the softness of your extensions, you can choose to apply natural hair masks, just as you would do with your own hair. What you should do is buy a good conditioner and leave it on for an hour or so, so that the extensions are well hydrated. After rinsing out the hair mask or conditioner, you should let them dry completely naturally no flat irons or blow dryers. This may take a couple of hours or so.

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You Can Apply Oils.

Remember that your seamless extensions will be made entirely of natural hair, so it will be very good for you to use oils to moisturize them and give them softness, shine, brightness, and life, just like you do with your own natural. Hair extensions should be very well cared for, to avoid damage or breakage, so you should be very careful with everything that has to do with them. Hair oils will keep them always looking new and will prevent any kind of bacteria. We know that the most important thing for you is to protect your seamless hair extensions and also to protect the investment you made when you bought them.

Even if your seamless extensions are healthy, it is best to remove them as soon as you no longer need them and do not wear them for a long time, as your scalp needs to breathe and rest. Remember that you bought your extensions to enhance the beauty of your hair, not to completely forget about its health.

Maintaining your seamless hair extensions is a very simple process, you just need the willingness and dedication, as well as the products your stylist recommends. Remember to always comb your seamless hair extensions very gently and then store them in the special bag, to prevent tangling, preferably in a place that is neither too humid nor too warm, which is a place with room temperature.

You will be able to put in and take out your hair extensions in clips, whenever you want and that is a great advantage since your extensions will last much longer and your natural hair will stay healthy.

Clip-in hair extensions do not require any extra maintenance, you can simply take care of them from the comfort of your own home.

Be sure to follow our tips and recommendations to the letter, as this is will help your hair extensions to stay in place. Avoid using products that contain alcohol or sulfates and always remember to wash, moisturize and air dry them. Never store them while they are damp or wet. Treat your extensions gently and delicately.

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What Not To Do With Your Seamless Hair Extensions.

Seamless hair extensions of natural hair are of the highest quality and one of the great advantages is that they can be washed normally if you want to dye your hair you can do it, you can do any type of hairstyle and you can even cut them.

They are a great option when you want to change your look and have hair with much more length and volume, they are very easy to put in and take out and add a plus to your mane and your whole style.

However, there are a number of things you should avoid doing so that your hair extensions stay beautiful for a long time.

1.   Avoid using too much heat:

Seamless hair extensions, being made of natural hair (or what is the same, human hair), you can get any look you want. From straight hair, thanks to straighteners or blow dryers, to curls, waves, and many more hairstyles. Despite the great advantage of this type of hair extension, you should keep in mind that if you subject them for a long time or very continuously to direct heat sources, they will most likely end up being damaged or gradually lose their shine and healthy look.

It is important that you wait until the hair is dry after washing before you can flat iron or curl it. Also, it is fine to curl or flat iron, but avoid doing one and immediately the other. The best thing to do is that if you no longer want a curly look or if you no longer want a straight look, first wash it very well and then choose to style it the way you want.

Another thing you can keep in mind is that when applying heat, you should be very careful that the temperature is not too high. It is recommended that the heat is more or less at a medium temperature, that is, not too high or too low.

A great advantage of this type of hair extension is that they stay just as you comb them, that is, if you make curls, they will not straighten and if you comb them completely straight, they will not curly or wave.

2.   Avoid flat iron or curling iron after using any type of oil:

If you use logic, you will soon discover why this step is so important: you could scorch your hair if you do this.

If you want to moisturize your extensions, you may well use any type of oil of your choice but when doing so, be sure to remove any traces of oil very well. And under no circumstances should you apply heat with the oil without rinsing it out. If you do this, the result will be that your hair extensions will literally fry, therefore, they will break.

Also, remember to use 100% natural hair products.

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3.   Use a sulfate-free shampoo:

This step is very important because shampoos containing sulfates and parabens will dry out your seamless hair extensions very quickly. Instead, you should choose a shampoo that maintains the natural oils of your extensions, which will hydrate, moisturize and keep your hair extensions in perfect condition. Remember that these extensions, when you take them on and off, do not enjoy the natural oil that your scalp releases to keep your hair strands moisturized, so you have to find a way to keep them healthy even if they are not in direct contact with your scalp at all times.

4.   Do not continually wash seamless hair extensions:

Seamless hair extensions will be specially prepared for use when you purchase them. This is due to a series of processes that make this possible. It is advisable to avoid washing the extensions too safely because as we mentioned before, this type of hair extension is not in direct and constant contact with the scalp, therefore, it does not receive the natural oils that the scalp gives off. Therefore, washing your hair extensions too often will tend to fry them out and dull their shine and that is definitely not what we want for you and your seamless hair extensions.

5.   Get your hair extensions colored at a specialized hair salon:

Please, by all means, avoid coloring your hair extensions yourself at home or have them done by people who are not familiar with the process.

Remember that these types of hair extensions have already gone through a chemical process, which is what allows you to use them. Therefore, when you want to dye them, you will most likely end up damaging them or they will not get the color you expected.

Therefore, if you dye your natural hair and you also want to dye your seamless hair extensions, so that they are in sync with your new hair color, the idea is that you take them to a hairdresser who specialized in that. Remember that a stylist is a person who has previously studied hair coloring and he or she will know exactly what to do to achieve the results your want.


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