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Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions

Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions

In the world of beauty and hair care, there are many tools available for beautiful, stunning hair; one of the most important styling tools is hair extensions.

Unlike wigs, extensions offer a more natural look of full or long hair as the name implies, which is why they are never less than a tempting option when it comes to enhancing the look.

Remy Clip-in Hair Extensions

As with any product in the world of hair extensions, we can find different scales of quality, as well as visible price comparisons and a whole range of characteristics specific to different hair types.

Remy hair extensions are the second-best in the world, only surpassed by virgin hair because it has superior characteristics to the common or synthetic hair.

The name Remy comes to identify all the hair collected so that the cuticle is intact and it has its natural shape, the direction of the hair has not been altered during collection retaining its original direction.

Why Are Remy Extensions So Important?

Two things make Remy’s hair, in particular, stand out, the first is the quality and the second is the preservation. Remy’s hair is collected with the sole purpose of imitating natural hair, successfully achieving this; by being collected in an unaltered way this product offers superior quality to any wig or processed extension.

This is achieved because by keeping the hair in the exact direction in which it grew, the keratin scales that protect the hair strands are kept in their natural direction, which allows the hair to be continuously protected, not tangled, and to maintain its natural shine. In short, the hair remains intact at all times, making the product long-lasting, reliable, and beautiful.

 How To Tell Remy Hair Apart

When we talk about superior quality in terms of hair we have four options: Virgin hair, Remy, natural hair, synthetic hair. After the Remy category, the rest of the hair tends to be divided into several subcategories within the same origin. This happens because, unlike the others, virgin hair and Remy’s hair are the same, it is both virgin and Remy or it is not, while with the others there are notable differences between the samples themselves.

It is very difficult for an untrained buyer to tell the difference, this is why scams or bad purchases abound in the world of hair extensions. But this is not a determinant, there are two ways to know if your purchase is right or not, the first one is the price.

As with all premium items Remy’s hair is very expensive which makes the price a good reference when buying, and is that if the price is incredibly low most likely that hair is anything but Remy.

On the other hand, you can help yourself by testing a sample or strand by sliding your finger in the direction of hair growth, if you notice that with this action the hair slides in the opposite direction to your finger then it is not Remy, as this is characterized in maintaining the shape as it was collected with the direction unaltered if the hair goes in the opposite direction means that the keratin scales that cover the strand is on the opposite side to nature which makes the extension is a common natural hair.


Can Remy’s Hair Be a Virgin Type?

Indeed, there are Remy virgin hair extensions as well as normal hair extensions; virgin hair is so-called because it is in an unaltered state from the moment it was born until the moment it was cut, it can be collected keeping the cuticles intact so that it becomes Remy.

Likewise, there may be hair in this category that has been chemically treated beforehand to adapt to the expectations of its new user, but it is still high-quality hair.



Wigs or sets of extensions produced to premium standards are visibly the best of the best in terms of quality, i.e. they possess properties that ordinary hair does not. Although harvested human hair is by itself one of the best options, this does not mean that it is superior in every way, the way it is harvested and treated greatly affects its subsequent use.

Remy’s hair is harvested meticulously and under high-quality standards, this makes it a very expensive product but it is still the best option when it comes to investing in appearance. If we have to list its benefits, they would be the following:

  1. Do not tangle: the conservation of the cuticle is what defines the high-quality hair, Remy, this means that the natural keratin of the hair is not affected in any way which allows preserving the hair intact to abuse and knots, a hair of this type is very difficult to tangle and in case it happens, as with the own hair only needs combing and ready, without complex processes.
  2. Keeps the body for a long time: this means that the level of preservation in this product is extremely high as it remains intact, facilitating its care without being meticulous about it as if it were your hair.
  3. Durability: It can be indisputably said that the collection method for this particular type of hair guarantees a longer life than with regular hair or synthetic material. The whole process lies in the preservation of the keratin.

As the hair is buttered in its natural direction the mistreatment is reduced and the natural oils in the scalp of the new user will keep the strand moisturized.

  1. Visibility: Being of high quality you can see at a glance that this is a valuable product, they are not only beautiful to look at but to touch so you can nourish your mane without any fear.

Facts To Consider

The demand for these extensions or wigs made from hair with intact cuticles is extremely high worldwide, which means that not only increases their value but also makes their production complicated. As a result, sales of hair claiming to be Remy hair without being Remy hair are springing up in the hope of meeting demand or making their way through an increasingly challenging market.

But this is no reason to despair, patience is a good tool when making purchases of limited items, it is always advisable to consult a professional in the field if you are thinking of buying this type of extensions as you can easily be deceived in this regard.

Although natural hair is a good option if your budget is short, remember that long term investments are better than those of the moment, and a medium quality hair usually needs several processes, mostly costs, to become what you want, therefore, it is never a bad choice to invest in quality rather than comfort.

Quality Control For Remy Hair. Can It Fail?

Mistakes can happen and especially if there is room for them to happen, not everything can be perfect and this happens even in the most meticulous processes. Remy hair, like any vintage hair that then goes on to be processed, can come in poor quality depending on its origin and the company that produces it.

Although we do not want to admit it, not all products are good; the processes of dyeing, straightening, curling or bleaching are very complex and require good quality products, especially if they are to be applied to hair that has been cut for extensions or wig preparations.

This is why it can happen that a hair selected to be Premium goes through a mediocre process resulting in a poor quality Remy, it does not stop being Remy because it complies with the cuticle preservation process but it has been treated badly and its texture or color leaves much to be desired.

However, this scenario is extremely rare as this type of hair is highly prized, therefore it is treated as such and you can usually find all of its presentations in a satisfactory quality.

Where Can I Find Remy Extensions?

You can find these products on the internet; however you have to be careful when buying them online as there is a high risk of being scammed or losing the item as such during shipping.

There are many reliable professional sites that you can consult as well as sales through social networks. The key to achieve this is to research it well, look for opinions of people who have purchased the same thing by that means or review customer reviews on websites.

In the same way, you can go to beauty salons as they are usually a fixed site for sales of this style; it is not uncommon to meet them because it is part of their job to offer this type of service.

Consulting your trusted stylist can leave you with a good experience since they know more about the subject and are more skilled at finding the ideal product for you, as well as having the contacts of the suppliers.

How To Place Remy Extensions

This is not a complicated process; some extensions come in the form of facilitators or clips that you can attach yourself by following the instructions on the package or by consulting a tutor. You can also opt for a more professional job and request a fitting service at your local beauty salon. The process is gentle on your scalp and hair, and can be removed as needed without any problem. Easy to apply and remove, stylish, beautiful and chic.

Go ahead and get yours too.


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