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The best prom hairstyle that will make you shine.

The best prom hairstyle that will make you shine.

The day of our promotion is an important moment in our lives, full of photos and memories that will last for many years; for this reason the choice of our hairstyle becomes crucial to look splendid throughout the ceremony.

We have finished school and we are already young ladies, we want to show it! Giving the right impression to everyone is important, looking beautiful and radiant being the center of attention is surely your goal and that’s why we want to help you.

Choosing the ideal hairstyle to highlight your outfit and makeup can be a difficult task, much more if we think about how complicated they can be and although there are thousands of options of beautiful hairstyles, you can’t decide.

But don’t worry, although I can’t promise you that I will give you the easiest and simplest hairstyles to do, because we know that for this kind of occasion dedication is our best ally; I can suggest spectacular hairstyles that will help you frame your face and enhance your features, giving you that look you want so much.

There are hairstyles to choose from, but always pick the ideal one for you and to feel beautiful on that special day.

  • Hairstyle #1

The first thing we will do is comb our hair and make sure to remove the knots, we will call this step “Basic Step”.

Once our basic step is ready, then now we start.

We make a side parting, at the height that you feel best suits your face. With the withdrawal already done, we will begin to make a French braid from the temple and diagonally. That is to say, from the temple of the side of the hair we are pulling back to the nape of the neck on the opposite side. With the remaining hair we will make a classic braid; when it is ready we will roll it upwards until we get a chongo or donut.

The next thing to do is to adjust it with hair clips and that’s it. This hairstyle is super easy to do and if you want a chic and elegant style, this is perfect. To get a better finish we can use hairspray as we go and make sure that each strand stays in place.

  • Hairstyle #2

Let’s start with the basic step.

We will need a curling iron or in case we don’t have one, we can use a flat iron. We will start making waves from the middle of our hair. For this look the big and soft waves are the ones that look best, but you can do them as you like. On the right side, we will take a lock of hair from the temple and we will make a Dutch or French braid until we bring it to the back of the head. Then repeat the procedure on the left side.

When we have the braids ready we will separate each petal with our fingers, this will make our braids look looser and more natural; combining perfectly with this look.  With our 2 braids ready, we will join them at the back of the head with a rubber band. The remaining hair will also be curled in the same way as at the beginning. Finally we will apply hairspray and we will be ready. With this style you will get a romantic and relaxed look, ideal for any outfit.

  • Hairstyle #3

First of all, the basic step. Remembering that we must do it with subtlety. Let’s start by combing our hair backwards.

A few centimeters above our right ear we are going to grab a not so big strand of hair and start to roll it up and take it backwards. Repeat this procedure on the left side. With a rubber band we will join our two previously rolled locks and the rest of the hair just at the nape of our neck.

We are going to comb the remaining tail and we will lift our hairstyle a little bit and with our fingers we will make an opening. Once this is done, we are going to put the tail on top in the space we made with our fingers, making a turn.

We will make a second turn and we will adjust it with the hairpins, leaving an elegant low donut. And in order to keep our donut without any problem, we will spray some hairspray. This look is elegant and sober, perfect to give prominence to a stunning makeup.

  • Hairstyle #4

As always, start by gently untangling the hair so as not to break it.

We will make a pull back to the side that we like and we will take almost all the hair to that side. On the other side of the parting, from the temple, we will take a strand of hair and we will make a braid, this can be classic, French, herringbone, whatever you like the most. When we have our braid ready we will take it backwards and diagonally. Just where the tip of our braid is, we will hold it there with hairpins, making sure to hide it under our loose hair.

The last step is to take the curling iron and start making waves in our loose hair. At the end we will spray some hairspray and that’s it. Another variation of this hairstyle is, instead of taking a single strand, we will take 2 or 3 strands and with each strand we will make a braid, once ready we will take them backwards and diagonally, repeating the procedure and we will adjust them with hair clips.

Although this style is super simple, we can dare to decorate our hair with butterfly or flower clips, giving it a fun and youthful touch, without losing elegance.

  • Hairstyle #5

Let’s untangle our hair.

The first step is to comb our hair back into a high ponytail. At this point we can choose to leave 2 strands loose at the front to give it a more youthful touch or gather all the hair to have a more elegant air.

Before we tie our high ponytail, we are going to leave a loose strand at the back. Now, when we have tied our tail with a garter, we will take the strand that we left free and we will pass it over the garter, giving a turn around it to cover it and with a hair clip we are going to hold it. I must clarify that when we fasten it, it must be under the tail so that it is not noticed.

We are going to divide our tail 3 or 2 sections, depending on the amount of hair. Once the sections are divided we will curl our hair, strand by strand to be sure that we are curling our hair well. If we decide to leave the front part of the hair loose, we will also curl it but only from the middle to the ends and with a very soft wave. This way it will not look too overdone, but it will give it the touch we want. Finally, apply some hairspray and we are done.

This hairstyle despite being very easy to do, is very flattering; the high ponytail will help us to enhance our features and angles; and the curls will create more volume to our hair.

  • Hairstyle #6

First of all, comb our hair well and untangle it.

The first point is to make a parting at about the middle of our eyebrow. If we did the left side part, we will handle our right side of the hair and vice versa. After having done the removal we will take 3 strands that have a separation of about a finger. That is to say, the first lock in the front, the second lock from the temple and the third near our ear.

At this point it is important to hold the strands separately from each other and from the rest of the hair. We will curl our loose hair from the middle to the ends and apply hairspray. Then with each of the strands that we had previously separated we will make a braid that we will later take backwards and we will join them in a side ponytail with the rest of the hair. I advise to make herringbone or fishtail braids because of their elegance.

I should clarify that the ponytail should be on the side where we did our braids. If you like a more relaxed or youthful style, we can take out small strands or a single strand of hair from the side where we made our withdrawal. To make it more beautiful we will also curl these locks but only from the middle to the end, without getting close to the root, this way it will give a more natural look. And to finish, we apply just a little hairspray and we are ready.

This is an easy and very nice hairstyle that will make us look flirty and radiant, if you are a lover of comfort, this style is for you.

  • Hairstyle #7

This hairstyle is very similar to the previous one, you could say that it is a variant, so it ensures comfort and presence. We will start with a parting at the height of the middle of our eyebrow. If we did the removal on the left side, we will handle the hair on the left side.

We will select 3 or 4 strands on the side of the removal. These should not be too big or too small.  Once we have selected our tresses, we will hold them with rubber bands, hair bands or hair clips, taking care that they do not get tangled or join with the rest of the hair. Now we will curl all our hair. If we want to give more volume to the mane we can make bigger curls or waves in the bottom layer and for the last layer we will make them a little smaller, without exaggerating; we don’t want the difference in size to be noticed, the idea is to make an illusion to make believe that we have much more volume.

We will apply a bit of hairspray to hold our curls. And with each of the strands we will make a braid, this can be the one you like the most or the one you prefer. In this hairstyle I would do the herringbone or fishtail, but it is only a recommendation.

Once our braids are ready we will take them to the other side and we will join them with the rest of the hair with a rubber band. Preferably the color of your hair or transparent.  Finish by applying a little hairspray all around and we are ready.

All the hairstyles we have mentioned are beautiful and perfect for the occasion; but we can’t leave aside the girls with short hair. For that reason we bring you some hairstyles that you will surely love.

Hairstyles for girls with short hair

  • Hairstyle #1


We will take a strand from the right side and a strand from the left side, approximately at the height of the high peak of our eyebrows. But these strands will not be taken from the front line, but a few centimeters further back. We will make a French braid in each strand and we will join them with a rubber band, preferably of our hair color and at the back of our head.

Just below each strand, we will take another 2 strands, one on each side and repeat the braid, leaving each one below the other. Then with our hands and delicately we will open a little each braid to give volume to our hairstyle. With the hair we have loose we can do 2 things, the first would be to iron it with which our braids would take total prominence and the second would be with the same iron to make small waves at the ends, in this way the hairstyle will look more romantic.

You can try both options and see which look suits you more and fits better with the shape of your face. Lastly, we apply hairspray. You can choose to take large or small strands, it will depend on how your hair is, the amount of hair and how much volume you want to apply. Always think about the shape of your face and what angles you want to highlight.

  • Hairstyle #2

We will divide the hair in half as from the height of the temple, leaving 2 equal strands at the front or the ponytail in case you have one. We make a tight ponytail or ponytail. Try to use a rubber band or elastic band of the color of our hair or transparent.

Divide the ponytail in 2 sections. The first section we will divide it into strands and we will roll them, once this is ready we will pass it around the rubber band and we will adjust it with hairpins. The second section we will also divide it in 2 strands and we will roll them up, but this time we will make a small chongo in the center of the garter, we will adjust it well with hairpins.  With our hands we will start to loosen our ponytail and our little ponytail delicately. This will make it look like a pretty flower and it will look more stylized.

With a flat iron we will start to straighten the remaining hair and the strands we left in front. To finish, we spray a little hairspray.  We can add any clip or hook that we like on the sides of the chongo, this way we would be giving it your personal touch and it would look very nice.


  • Hairstyle #3

Our first step will be to make a small pull back at the middle of the eyebrow. Then we will take the section of hair that is just behind the pull back and the amount of hair will be up to about 3 fingers below the crown of the head. We will tie this section with our favorite hair tie.

With the largest strand of hair that we have in the section we will start to make a French braid around the head; to our braid we will join the tail that we have just made and the hair that we left on the other side of the head. Where the braid arrives we will fasten it with a rubber band or elastic band. The end of the braid should be bent upwards and hidden in the hair and secured with bobby pins.

If there is any loose strand what we are going to do is to make another braid in the direction of the main braid and once ready, we will join it with hairpins. With the fingers we are going to loosen the hairstyle.

We apply our favorite hairspray and that’s it. This hairstyle can also be done with the Dutch braid, but with this one it is a bit more complicated. You need to have a little more experience with the Dutch braid to make sure you get this look right.

  • Hairstyle #4

We are going to gather half of the hair into a ponytail or ponytail. We will leave 4 loose strands in front, 2 on each side. Important, they have to be small strands or if you prefer, just 2 strands a little bit bigger, we shouldn’t take out too much.

We will divide the tail in 3 parts. In each one we will braid a braid up to the middle of the strand and we will tie it with the elastic band. In this hairstyle I would do the herringbone braid, but it is your decision, you can choose the one you like the most.

We will take the 3 braids and at the same time we will bring them inwards and downwards. We fasten very well with bobby pins and start to loosen our braids; remembering to do it with delicacy and patience.

To the remaining hair, as well as the strands we left in front, we will make small waves at the ends with the iron. A little hairspray and you’re ready!

  • Hairstyle #5

If you want a quick, pretty and easy hairstyle, I assure you that this is it.

We start by untangling the hair. Then we section the hair at the back and divide it into layers. Here the more layers the better, it doesn’t matter if you have short hair, let’s do it right.

We will take our first layer of hair, which would be the one closest to the nape of the neck. With the flat iron we are going to make waves in the hair on each strand. The strands don’t have to be so small, the ideal is that you find a balance. This is what we will do in each layer, paying attention to each strand.

When we have finished the back section, we will divide the side section also in layers and repeat the process.

When you have finished with all the hair you can do 2 things: the first would be to leave the waves as they are, if you like them, if you love how your hair is you just spray a little hairspray and that’s it; but if on the contrary you feel that something is missing, what you can do is shake a little and gently waves and these will begin to open, giving much more volume and we finish spraying fixative.

If you decided to do it the second way, you must be careful not to lose the shape of the wave, but in case you did, you can do it again with the iron, but only if you have not applied the hairspray.



  • Whether your hair is long or short; with a curling iron or flat iron, NEVER subject your hair to heat for more than 6 seconds; it is preferable to pass the iron or curling iron through it again.


  • If we leave a heat tool on for too short a time or in the case of the flat iron we tend to run it too fast, this also counts as a mistake. Why? By leaving it for less time than necessary, we would be forced to use the heat tool several times on the same strand and in the end it would be almost the same as leaving it for too long.


  • When we apply the hairspray we must take into account 2 things, first if the hairspray is heavy or not and the second thing to take into account is how we apply the hairspray.


  • If it is a heavy hairspray, don’t go crazy applying it, in the end it will be counterproductive, your hair will look heavy and the ideal is to try to find that point where the hair stays still but looks as natural as possible.


  • The correct way to apply hairspray is from a distance and let it fall as a spray, if you apply it close you will be wasting product and because of the excess you may get white residues.


  • If you need help with any hairstyle don’t hesitate to ask for it and be patient, it will turn out beautiful in the end.


I hope you liked each one of the hairstyles and that you dare to try them so you can achieve a beautiful and attractive look on your big day. Good luck!



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