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Using Hair Clips, the Right Way

Using Hair Clips, the Right Way

We are witnesses once again that fashion is cyclical, in other words, it constantly comes back. And it is that the 90s and 80s are the new black of this decade. It is noteworthy that social networks are a new innovative runway to show both old pieces and the newest in fashion, because a few days ago the Jeans Moms were the main characters of our closets, but now it’s time to remember the incredible clip-on hair clips. By acquiring one or two of these, we can renew our hairstyles completely, whether they are updos or loose hairstyles, and give them a feminine touch in the best eighties style.

As we have already said, this style has been around for a long time. But well in 2018 the fashion world began again to notice its presence and make it the protagonist of catwalks, from Channel to Pull&Bear have sought ways to revolutionize this trend lost in time, leaving us all with the desire to use them in our new looks.

Don’t get left behind and ignore the prejudices. If you miss the fashion of bobby pins and you are a loyal follower of colorful and flashy, you already have the perfect solution.

Place the clips on each side of your head, holding your bangs in place. Clearly, to make a winning combination, you need to opt for multi-colored hair clips. Let your imagination run wild!

Hair clips and hairstyles

These little hair clips are multifaceted. They can be immersed in the elaboration of buns and braids, and their protagonism will depend on how elaborate the hairstyle is, where we will wear it and the vibe we want to give off that day.

Our hair always speaks for us, so these applications are a fundamental accessory in our repertoire. Its functionality when holding the hair and its duration when placed, allows us to take it to any type of event because they will not let us look bad in front of the crowd. Whether we want to dance or have fun, whatever we do, they will always stay firm and beautiful.

How to choose your Hair Clips without dying in the attempt.


  • Subtle detail:

If you’ve already decided and are looking to wear this trend like a champion, but you want to be discreet and go step by step, you can try to place them on one side of your head and one of not very large proportions. In addition, the ideal would be to choose a neutral color that is similar to the color of your hair, but without making it disappear completely. This way you will be able to make it stand out with a small touch of different color. In addition, it will be quite useful to move the hair away from your face without wearing a thick bandana or tight buns. We can also use them on the corner of our head when making a half side braid, simple doesn’t have to be boring.


  • Maxi clips:

If you are not afraid of anything and want to take a risk, you can use clips of a large size on one or both sides of your head to highlight the shape of your face. A typical hairstyle to try can be the low bun, it should be noted that the functionality of our clips should never be underestimated. Complementing our outfit with circular earrings makes us a perfect look to wear in a formal event.

The donut high knot joins this list to be one of the hairstyles that can be taken to the next level with the use of hair clips. To use this hairstyle it is essential to put our bun as high as we can, so we leave the rest as a blank canvas where we will put our clips where we feel most comfortable, as a decoration. It has no other function than to ornament our hair easily and immediately, not to mention that it is quite economical.

  • With pearls

Whether they are of small or large proportions and even of different sizes each, they are one of the options that we all love when talking about hair clips. The most chic way to use them is with straightened hair, so that they are the explosive factor that will give you that radical change.

  • With letters

This is one of the riskiest options when it comes to using clips, but they are very versatile as you can buy different letters and form the words you want. They can be used with multiple styles, but definitely one of the best options are the buns with bangs; as they give a more street and casual style, perfect for a weekend.

  • Oversized

They take the entire back of your hair and take center stage. They can be worn with an updo from the back and only you decide what colors and shapes to wear them in; although they are ideal if you choose them in shades and shapes that contrast with your daily look and leave the accessories like necklaces for another day. This way you get a simple but complete outfit from head to toe.

  • With flowers

They are one of the essentials that you must use for the spring or summer season, you cannot leave them out of your closet this year. They are ideal for mixed hairstyles such as wavy or messy straightened hairstyles. One of the keys to this type of clips is that there are multiple types within this class; from plastic to metal, gold and even fabric. The ways to use them are limitless and you are the one who sets the limit.

Another hairstyle that will give you a feminine and delicate touch with these clips is to cascade them around your loose hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight, wavy or mixed. It’s a gamble you can never lose.

  • With precious stones

You must have seen these in the hair of many stars, even Ariana Grande is a huge fan of these clips. They are one of the most useful, as they can be used in an infinite number of hairstyles, from a classic ponytail to a bob and even side swept bangs, giving your look that luxurious touch you’re looking for!

  • With other materials

There are clips made of multiple materials, among them we can find seashells, glass, wood and even some can be made of quartz. Yes, they are a bit more difficult to acquire and a bit more expensive. But they are definitely worth it and you should not hesitate to buy one, because as they are so strange they will give a unique touch to your hairstyles. It will be something that only you can wear and that will cause everyone to look at you as soon as you enter any place.

Looks and occasions to make a winning impression with our hairclips.


  • Work day at the office:

The office is not a place we should exclude when it comes to innovating our look. Of course, the wardrobe to be worn in the office tends to be more formal than usual. But we can always turn things around and make our business look as chic as possible.

If we’re looking to achieve this, we can choose to tie our hair up in a half braided ponytail and include triangular or square shaped hairclips in neutral colors, to match, our usual earrings.

  • Sunday lunch away from home:

Sunday is one of the laziest days of the week, we can’t deny it. When we have to go out on this day we don’t feel like producing our look to the max, but we also don’t want to go out in home clothes or be too plain. Therefore, the idea of a look in pastel tones, thin eyeliner and lips with colorless lip balm, will be an extraordinary choice if we are going out for lunch. Add to this some pearl or gemstone hairclips in your hair, either wavy or straight, or even in a half bun.


  • A special date


This scenario needs an outfit that fits the romantic occasion you are going to. A basic recommendation for a night out is dark tones, and a low ponytail complemented with several hair clips by the ears. You can leave some loose bangs or some free strands on both sides of the head. Complementary accessories can be either circular or triangular earrings, or whatever matches your look of the day.

The second fundamental is the makeup, which should be highlighted in terms of shadows and eyeliner. You can give it a little natural glow, applying some illuminator or a transparent base at the beginning of the cheeks. Don’t doubt that you will shine on your date!


  • Shopping

For some girls, this is their favorite day to look simple but stylish. And comfort is essential when walking through so many stores in search of the perfect outfit. There is nothing better than an outfit in metallic colors, maybe a denim jacket will help along with a semi updo, a bun in the middle of the hair would be ideal, even more if we include some waves at the ends and some loose strands in the corners. To complement, we will add some freestyle hairclips, you decide which ones are best! They can be either pearls or the typical colorful ones, it’s a chance to let your creativity run wild.

To draw attention, you can add colorful accessories. Floral or cascading earrings will look beautiful and add a little feminine touch, as well as a gold chain with bright red lips.


  • Date with friends, a funny day

Here we dress dazzling; we want to be fun and flashy. It’s time to dare with a look where neon colors and striking hairstyles stand out.

Our proposal for this day is a semi up-do with multiple garters, or also one that is totally gathered as a top knot and add small hairclips at the base of the bun or wherever you want. Complement it with an eye-catching makeup, with lots of highlighter and shiny tones. Liquid illuminators are ideal to give that bright effect to your skin that will not cease to create furor.


Little tips for their effective wear


  • Although these accessories are very versatile and can be used with any type of hair, it is important to combat hair injustices such as frizz. Either with creams or a specific washing system (shampoo and conditioner) to help reduce this little monster that torments us every day, especially on rainy days or with high humidity. You can also make use of creams containing keratin among its components to control those little strands of hair that do not flatten with anything.


  • Don’t limit yourself; this trend is all about the more the merrier. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple hair clips on the sides, or wear several on one side. Be it pearl, metallic, colorful, quartz, the more combinations you make the more you will shine in front of others.


  • One of the important rules when using this accessory is the proportions. Although most of these clips go well with everything, you have to be careful with the size and thickness of the ones you are going to use if you don’t want to overshadow the rest of the look. When you go shopping, you will notice the wide variety in materials and proportions, but trying them on will let you know how they will look on your next look and will help you know which ones suit you best depending on your hair length or build.

I could tell you that a woman with a tall stature and big curls will tend to wear thicker and longer designs, especially colorful ones. And that a woman of short stature but with completely straight hair will go for neutral and more delicate colors. But do not forget that everyone is different and has different tastes, so decide depending on your tastes and do not regret the one you bought. The only important thing is to know how to combine them and show the necessary attitude to wear them.


We’re done, and you can now consider yourself a hair clip expert! Be encouraged to create your own looks and hairstyles, to search and find creative novelties that go hand in hand with your style. Bring out your inner child or look like a powerful and sophisticated woman, it’s up to you!




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