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How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves With Clip-In Extensions

How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves With Clip-In Extensions

A makeover is always a good idea and you feel like a diva with your new extensions but there is something that doesn’t quite convince you… Of course! You have not got the beach waves you would like but don’t despair, here we will teach you everything you need to obtain a perfect and natural look.

Now, these waves that seem so natural are very in trend and many girls believe that the hair of their favorite Instagrammers is so blessed without the help of any product but there are many secrets behind that today we will reveal to you so you can look like your favorite celebrities, the best of all is that they are very easy to do and you don’t need to have a lot of experience making hairstyles to make them look great because being a relaxed look they don’t need so much perfectionism.

A hair with a lot of volumes is what all girls want and this style will favor you a lot if you don’t have too much hair, in the same way, the extensions will do magic and will make you wear a million-dollar mane. The most important thing is that whatever you are shaping your hair and extensions you are warned of from the heat so that the beach waves look really hydrated and healthy.

There are a wide variety of colors that you can easily combine with your natural hair and since they have nothing synthetic, they can also blend perfectly and make you look like you have nothing fake on your head, the hair extensions can be designed for each girl and will adapt perfectly to your needs.

The beach waves are undoubtedly one of the favorites looks for summer due to their relaxed but fashionable appearance at the same time, with them you will become an Instagram star this summer. Thanks to the Izabel Hair products that you will find here you can make perfect beach waves from home, your job can be as good as that of a professional stylist if you follow all our steps.

The heat of our clips will never become a problem if you use a “heat protectant” Izabel Hair clip-in extension. You already have all the things you need at hand to give your hair that style you are looking for and wear it anywhere.

Clip-In Extensions Beach Waves

Why Beach Waves Should Be Part Of Your Look This Summer

It is very nice to have a nice hairstyle but if what you want is to become of the waves, the sun, and the summer atmosphere, then the beach waves are the ones for you. This hairstyle will make you look natural and carefree but at the same time beautiful, many girls like them because they resemble the style that surfer girls have quite well because their hair when being in contact with the sea salt ends up producing that shape naturally.

But you don’t want your hair to be full of salt to achieve that beautiful hair or damage your good quality extensions, for your relief you can also achieve abundant hair with beach waves from home with the help of your favorite curling iron that you can get at Izabel Hair.

This type of hair is not usually used daily but on a sunny day with a bikini, it will look spectacular, it is the perfect time for you to take advantage of the occasion to wear these waves and take many photos with beautiful and colorful landscapes that portray your free and adventurous spirit. This hairstyle is very adaptable and can not only be used in informal places, the truth is that it has become so popular in the looks of famous girls on red carpets that these divas have shown that beach waves can also look fabulous with a formal dress and shocking makeup.

Make Correctly Your Own Beach Waves With Hair Extensions

There are many beauty secrets that you can use whenever you want and you need to know that the duration of your extensions will be quite long if you take care of them correctly. The first things you need are your favorite curling iron, a heat protectant, and your beautiful extensions.

You have to take into account many things before applying direct heat to your new hair and here we will give you the recipe so that you have enviable hair. Whenever you intend to use the hair dryer or curling iron, it is essential you first apply a heat protectant so that your extensions don’t burn.

This product helps to conserve natural moisture and protects the hair fiber from high temperatures. If you do this step you will notice a healthier and more natural look in your clip-in extensions. Some girls make the mistake of setting the temperature to the maximum believing that they will have a better result and the truth is that they only decrease the lifespan of their extensions.

If you want to do it correctly, always try not to exceed 170°C. This temperature is already enough for your extensions to obtain the beach waves you want without spoiling. It is also important to consider that you should not give more than one pass with the curling iron to a strand of hair, with one is enough and if you do it more you will only be torturing your extensions!

Best Clip-In Extensions For Beachy Waves

How Should I Curl Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Are you ready to become professional at creating beach waves? Cool! There are many ways to create beach waves in your extensions, but today we will talk about the favorite of many stylists. The most recommended thing is you first follow the steps with your natural hair and then repeat it with your clip-in hair extensions so that they can be better disguised and achieve a natural finish.

You need to do is separate your hair into two large sections: the top and the bottom. After you’ve parted your hair, take a thick strand of hair and wrap it around your curling iron for 5 seconds, then repeat this step for all the strands in the lower section. After you have finished you must perform the exact same procedure with the top, remember to only use the curling iron once per strand or you will end up mistreating it. Hair that is close to your face should be rolled outward to make it look even more natural.

When all your hair is ready, you have to give your clip-in extensions the same shape, apply them to your hair and show them off happily. Once you have done it, open the strands a little with the help of your fingers so that the curls don’t look so marked and you get the aspect you are looking for, if you want them to look more natural you can turn your head upside down and shake it. Then you can seal the result with a little fixative so that your beach waves don’t spoil throughout the day. Enjoy them, you won’t be able to stop taking selfies!

Hair Extensions For Styling

What Hair Extensions Are The Best For Styling?

The best advice we can give you is to avoid using extensions made with synthetic fiber at all costs because they will break more easily and the heat will spoil them, every time you curl them you will probably notice an unpleasant smell of burnt plastic and nobody wants that!

The truth is that the more natural and of better quality, the better option for you. At Izabel Hair we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products to all of our clients and these extensions made with natural hair will also adhere very well to your natural hair without damaging it.

You should not worry about a strong wind blowing or making a sudden movement will make you lose a part of your hair because our clip-in extensions are made to give you the best experience in any situation that you need them, they can be removed from your natural hair and put back on whenever you want, this allows you to wash them properly and curly them more easily.

The color you should choose will depend a lot on your personal preference and the effect you want to achieve, it is better to choose a color that is quite similar to yours so that it can be disguised well, however, there are many girls who dedicate to mix different extension colors to create different hair tones or highlights and make their beach waves stand out more in the sunlight.

Now that you already have your curling iron, your heat protectant, and your favorite extensions you are ready to model on your favorite streets and beaches during the summer, show off your new hair with its amazing beach waves and you will notice how all your friends ask you for advice to have hair as beautiful as yours. You can start taking selfies and uploading stories to share your fantastic results.


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