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Hair perfume! The new trend of 2021

Hair perfume! The new trend of 2021

Just as you read it! Hair perfume has been a strong trend this year, and we consider it an essential accessory to keep our hair fresh and with a sophisticated touch throughout the day. We can also add that some of these fragrances have direct benefits, such as adding luminosity to the hair strands. And in case you don’t know what this product is, we explain it to you! Hair perfume is a chemical formula specially designed for our hair, which in addition to adding a unique fragrance, can moisturize it. Usually, hair perfumes tend to have fewer chemicals than one that is directly for our general use and keeps other types of formulas that allow us to help one that is directly for our general use, and keeps other types of formulas that allow us to help it while we get the benefits of a delightful smell of roses (Or the essential oil you prefer). It is worth noting that we can choose different types of hair perfumes that do not intonate with the perfume we usually use for our clothes, without fear of combining scents, as these have a very soft and almost imperceptible smell. That is why they are so useful!

Perfume for clothes and perfume for hair, why shouldn’t we use both for the same thing?

It is no secret to any of us that we have tried everything to keep that good smell that our hair has after leaving the bathroom and that it is impossible no matter how many techniques we use. But one of the most common and harmful practices for this is to apply perfume directly to our hair.

You may wonder why, and the true answer lies in its composition: General purpose perfumes contain large amounts of pure alcohol. This particular element can critically dry out the hair. Making it liable to break easily. Therefore, if you have already made this mistake it is best to do an extensive treatment with natural oils such as almond or coconut oil.

These oils can help a lot to cover the hair from external factors such as water, wind, heat materials, sodium contained in the shampoo, or any chemical treatment that can be aggressive to it. We know that this information may discourage you a little, but if you want to keep giving your hair a nice smell and moisturize it at the same time so that it does not suffer from damage, you can start using this type of hair perfume.

Constant advice given by the people who sell this type of product is that if we are going to apply the product directly, the hair must be clean and without any treatment such as creams, fixing gel, or something similar. Also, keep in mind that it should be applied as a rinse or hair cream: From the middle of the hair to the ends, never in the root area as it can generate unwanted residues. Do not apply any heat tool such as a hairdryer, as it still contains products that can be harmful in contact with other temperatures. As mentioned before, this product not only has the function of perfuming the hair, it also serves to control frizz, moisturize the hair, make it shinier and keep it clean.

How to use it

We bring you the definitive guide to use it! We know you have a lot of questions about it. So grab a pen and paper and start writing it down. If you have already bought one, you should know that the myth of using it on wet hair to make it last longer is not more valid. You can apply it on both dry and wet hair, so it is quite useful if you are on the street and your hair took on the bad smell of someplace you passed through before arriving at your destination. There should be a 30 cm separation from the root to the place where you are going to place it. Since it can be somewhat aggressive if we apply it directly on the skin.

After applying it, we can either shake it or strategically spread it on the places that need a touch-up with a fine-toothed comb. You can only use the cold air from the dryer if you need it to adhere quickly to the hair strand, and it is important to remember not to overuse the product. Applying it three times a day is already too much, so one or two touch-ups will be enough because although it has a very light smell, it has too great adhesion capacity. Also, as with any product, it is good to let the hair rest. Therefore, leaving it off for a day or two will let the hair rest long enough to be able to maintain the treatment on an intermittent basis. Nothing in excess is good. And of course, just as it cannot be used with heat tools, it should not be fully exposed to sunlight as it can also encourage the hair to burn quickly and irreparably damage the hair cuticle.

If you want to place it in a less noticeable way, you can resort to a comb, a brush, or any garment that can help you in this. You spray your hair perfume there, and then run it from your hairline (This is highly recommended by french women in the industry of fashion) this way the application of the perfume is not so obvious and can only be seen when they get too close to you to give you a hug or greet you. It can also be applied on the hands. and then run it delicately through the hair strands. Whatever the application, it is certain that it is one of the products that will save our lives many times because of its versatility, and even in a handbag, we could carry it.

How to make homemade perfume?

Sometimes we do not have the necessary means to buy a hair perfume, or we want to use more natural and less aggressive ingredients for our hair without having to give up the pleasant fragrance of one of these products. So you don’t have to worry about it, right here we teach you how to make your own without needing a lot of ingredients. So get ready to go to the supermarket, have a little patience, and keep reading a little more!

●     Option #1


  • Rosewater (You can get it at any drugstore)
  • Essential oil (The one of your choice)
  • Atomizer (As here we are fans of saving money, you can use one of some perfume that no longer serves you and that is well washed)

●     Preparation

We are going to take a common kitchen funnel and put it in the atomizer to pour the rose water, about two cups or as you prefer, and the amount you consider necessary. Then we will remove the funnel and apply a few drops of the oil we have chosen. Close the container, shake well for about two minutes so that everything is well combined and that’s it! Your hair perfume is now ready to be used. This technique can be used with multiple scents of your preferences so you are not limited to the ones you have at home. Like:

➔   Jasmine Essence:

If we want to use jasmine oil for its scent, we should also consider that it has other benefits. Among them is that it can make the hair strand grow stronger than usual, which will help keep it healthy and prevent early hair loss. In addition, its simple application can improve blood circulation in our scalp and helps to keep clean the hair follicles of our head; therefore it is ideal for the elimination of remaining sebum that may have been left from a previous product, which helps a lot when it comes to preventing us from developing dandruff.

➔   Cedar:

It is a potent vasoconstrictor and helps the blood circulation in the scalp to be constant and linear. It is therefore a great stimulant of the hair follicles, which together with this helps the hair to grow steadily and also prevent hair loss. For this reason, it is constantly in different types of hair alopecia. It also contributes to the hydration of the roots and helps the disappearance of dandruff. And it even helps with multiple dermatitis on the scalp, especially those that cause itching and hives on the outer part of the dermis. The only problem is that it is not suitable for direct sun exposure, as its strong chemical composition can burn the scalp. It should always be used in combination with other things such as creams or liquids like rose water since its direct use is too strong for our skin. Therefore its effect is immediate.

➔   Chamomile:

Chamomile is a universal plant; its use can vary from ingesting it, or applying it for both skin and hair. Among the properties it has, its essential oil reduces the itching of the scalp and gives great shine to the hair. The constant application of the oil promotes constant hair growth.

This type of oil is very common to apply in children, as its effectiveness is enhanced in young hair. It gives the hair extra protection against materials that can be harmful. It also strengthens the roots and moisturizes the hair from the beginning.

➔   Rosemary:

One of the best to use! Not only does it give an excellent smell, but it also has great external benefits. Among them we can mention that this oil helps greatly to stimulate the hair follicles of the hair, this increases the blood circulation of the scalp and oxygenates the roots to reactivate hair growth. It is widely used in treatments against alopecia in both men and women, being even more powerful than drugs. Also, one of the most remarkable effects that rosemary has had for a long time is that it can conceal the color of gray hair. Be careful, there are people who get gray hair prematurely due to an imbalance of melatonin. So, if you are one of them, you know what you can do! In addition, it does not make the hair greasy but with a noticeable shine.

A 2015 study dates that the carnosic acid contained in the rosemary plant is a great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic to human tissues and can alleviate nerve damage. Therefore, in addition to stimulating the hair follicles and making hair grow, it is able to rejuvenate the hair and make it even softer. In addition to increasing the thickness of the hair strands. And finally, we can see its great help in eliminating sebum and unnecessary oil in the hair. Since it helps to cleanse the hair follicles and eliminate the accumulation of hair scales from which dermatological diseases such as dandruff develop. Again, be careful with the sun and these types of oils as they can bleach the hair if they are frequently exposed to sunlight.

●     Option #2


  • Charcoal powder
  • Benzoin powder
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Bergamot oil
  • Santail oil
  • Atomizer

●     Preparation:

In a place where there is not too much breeze, we are going to take a container deep enough to place all the powders we are going to use. In another small container, we are going to place the oils and the potassium nitrate. First, we need to combine the powders well with a spoon slowly, if we can do this in a grinder, it’s better. And in the other container, we will combine well 2 drops of each oil plus the nitrate, which we will leave as a paste. Then in a single container, we will add all the ingredients and let it sit for a day for the odors to settle sufficiently. In a bowl with warm water, we will place our paste and let it melt, we can help with a spoon to this process, and finally, we pass it to our atomizer. Your perfume is ready to use!

●     Option #3


  • Rosewater
  • Pure vanilla extract
  • Ylang Ylang Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Grapefruit Oil
  • Spray

●     Preparation:

For this, we will need again a funnel and a sprayer deep enough to mix everything. There we are going to add first the rose water, it is worth mentioning that it should be more rose water than other ingredients. Then we are going to add several drops of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of each oil mentioned in the list. You are going to mix it well and let it sit for a whole day so that the scents settle sufficiently. After 24 hours, you can use your hair perfume immediately! Remember that citrus oils can damage your hair if they have a lot of sun exposure. Therefore you should be careful not to use it to go to very hot places or where there is no shade to cover you from the damaging effects of UV rays. although it is generally not recommended to use heat tools with hair perfumes, it is even more advisable to avoid it when using citrus scents as it can scorch your hair.

And that’s it for today’s post! If you are still not sure about using this product on yourself, you can go to a specialist to explain the benefits of buying or making a hair perfume and its benefits for you. In addition to confirming that it is suitable for your skin type and your hair.

Remember that we have a lot more information on our home page, from fashion tips to guides to have your ideal hair, we assure you that you will not regret spending some time there! In addition to the products we offer so you can show off your hair to 100% of its capabilities, from all colors to all lengths in extensions, also from synthetic to natural hair. Don’t wait to be told, be the best version of yourself!


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