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Buy Clip In Hair Extensions Online: How to Use Clips Extensions

Buy Clip In Hair Extensions Online: How to Use Clips Extensions

When it comes to easy and quick application, this type of hairpiece is ideal. Clip-in extensions have always been the perfect ally when it comes to enhancing hairstyles without much effort. Giving volume, density, and length in a matter of minutes. Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for do-it-yourself hair extensions, you don’t need to go to a salon to get them. You only need to have your hair at least down to your shoulder length, but this is mostly so that they can go completely unnoticed.

If you want to try a new style, try something trendy, clip-in hair extensions are the solution for that change of look. The only downside is that like Cinderella, you have to remove them before going to sleep.

How to put a clip-in extension?

●     Once you have washed your hair and it is completely clean, untangled, and very important, dry

Put in everything you are going to use. As a recommendation, it is best to buy a clip in the hair extension set already added, this will help to make the procedure easier. The clips should be of good quality to reduce damage to your hair and adhere better. Don’t forget the mirror and brush or comb.

●     Arrange all the pieces according to the needs of your hair

You should gather your hair back as if you intend to make a ponytail in the middle of your ears. To make it more comfortable to attach the extension, clip in the rest of the hair. However, there are also clips in ponytails.

●     Start with a small curtain

You should place each natural clip in extension over the lower hairline and under the upper hairline. As a suggestion, you should start in the middle to prevent the clips from being off-center. Each clip should close snugly, if not, something is going wrong.

●     Do each second section at the end of the ear or a little higher

Similarly, secure all your hair with a clip and install the second section of clips. Keep selecting the ones that best fit each part of your hair. If you have a three-pack, it would now be the turn of the medium-sized ones. Check that each clip is well-positioned and tightened so that it is not loose and does not create any bumps. As in the previous case, start in the middle for better centering.

This third parting should be placed in the temple area. If you have thick hair, you can place it a little higher. This will give you enough hair to completely cover the extension.

Now let your hair down, with this you will be able to verify if all the extensions are correctly placed.

Now you can wear that voluminous mane you dreamed of, you can style your hair the way you like it. Don’t be afraid to switch between styles, one day you can be curly and the next extreme straight. The versatility of natural extensions allows you to wear the hairstyle you want. Undoubtedly amazing!

Now that you know how to attach them, we will explain the step-by-step instructions so you can remove them correctly and your hair won’t be damaged.

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How to remove clip-in extensions

Just like the application, removing them is very simple. But you must have a little patience.

To remove the natural hair clip-ins you can start with the ones you applied last and finish with the ones you started with, from top to bottom. When you install them it is best to start from the bottom but when you have to remove them, the procedure is reversed

Once your hair is separated, you must carefully open each clip so that your hair does not get tangled. If in the process of wearing them a knot forms, don’t pull hard, because you could end up pulling your hair out. Using conditioner to undo the knot, gently and calmly undo the knot with your fingers.

How long should I wait if I have already removed the extensions?

You can wear the extensions every day. You should only remove them when you go to wash your hair or go to sleep, in that process your scalp will rest. Even if they are the best clip-in hair extensions, you must remove them.

If your hair is thin and your scalp is very delicate, it is advisable to wear them for a few hours a day to avoid further damage. However, hair extensions for fine hair can also help.

Another method is not to place the extensions on the same strand of hair that was already attached in the previous application. This way you reduce the damage to your scalp from traction.


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What are the advantages of using clips in hair extensions?


At Izabel Hair, we work with the best quality clip-in extensions. 100% Remy hair. Likewise, our clip-in extensions are no exception. We are the best online shop to buy clip-in hair extensions in America so far, you can see our references in our main profile.

Remy’s hair has no problems when it comes to the direction of your cuticles. This is due to the extraction process, whereby the hair is hand-picked from the root into a ponytail and then cut. This is why the direction of your cuticles remains intact during the entire procedure.

Only perfect extensions that do not become entangled with Remy’s hair can be produced. The best hair extensions to buy online.

They are a favorite when it comes to creating hairstyles, whether it is an occasional hairstyle or for an important event. It only takes a few either by your own hands or by the hands of a stylist if you prefer. Achieve a longer, fuller mane with clip-in extensions. There is no hairstyle that can’t be tamed with our 100% real hair extensions clip-in.

If your mane is thin, or if you suffer from a lack of hair density. With clip-in hair extensions, you will no longer suffer for that, they will give you the density and thickness you need instantly, no need to apply chemical products or subject your hair to sudden changes, the extensions will give you the freedom you need to feel like a goddess, go out and conquer the world.

They help to illuminate your mane. I’m sure you’re also a fan of watching videos of girls with shiny hair as beautiful as snow white, manes with shades, colors, and lovely highlights.

The time has come when you will stop dreaming of all that hair you want and you can make it possible, without the need to apply dyes or bleach your hair. With these extensions, you can make that dream come true. All you have to do is choose the right shades and combine them with your natural hair. You will get the desired effect without much effort and in the blink of an eye.

  • Well, to achieve this you don’t need to spend forever at the salon with dyes and highlights.
  • Volume! We don’t even have to mention it, it’s all we want when we think of this type of application, volume, and more volume!
  • Unlike fixed extensions, clip-in extensions are much easier to attach, so continuing with your routine won’t be a problem, if you need to go to the gym or do some kind of activity you can remove them for convenience.
  • They are fully customizable, you can choose the length you want and play with the gradients to get the amount of volume you prefer.
  • Izabel Hair natural hair extensions resist any type of treatment you decide to do, ironing, drying, braiding, will not be a problem. To keep your hair and extensions protected, remember to use a heat protector especially on the curly clip in hair extension.
  • It is not necessary to wear it every day if you prefer. Although we can’t deny that fixed extensions are just as spectacular, we understand that many of you don’t need them all the time, that’s why they are easy to apply.

Likewise, if you still don’t feel confident enough to take the big step to fixed extensions, you can practice with clip-ins until you feel 100% comfortable. It will be your start in the world of extensions, just make sure you do not fall asleep with them, but if you need to go to the pool or beach, you will not have any problem unlike other types of extensions that are not recommended for use in this type of places.

Their maintenance is not a problem, they are very easy to take care of. You should wash them depending on the use you give them, remember to remove them to wash them separately. It is not recommended to rub the extensions. If you want to keep their shine, you can apply a special mask for extensions, let it take effect overnight and the next day you will have them as good as new, ready to use, and look fabulous.

We will explain in more detail the care of these extensions so you can see how easy it is. So you will know the things to avoid so you can keep your natural hair extensions in better condition.

  • Taking care of your hair and your extensions is equally important, especially if you want to keep looking radiant and feeling empowered. So pay attention to the following tips
  • The first thing you should know is that you can’t wash your extensions with sulfate-containing shampoos.
  • When you are going to do nourishing treatments, remember to dilute the product well so that your extensions do not end up looking caked.
  • You can use products such as serums, which are highly recommended for moisturizing.
  • You should not fry the extensions, much less brush them when they are wet.
  • Remember that as with hair, brushing the extensions should start at the ends and work your way down to the base to avoid knots.
  • Use a brush with flexible bristles, this will allow you to avoid damaging the joints.
  • The thermal protector is something we can not forget, as, with natural hair, this will allow you to better preserve the extensions.
  • If it’s bedtime and you can’t get the extensions out, use braids or low ponytails to avoid tension and tangling.

How should the extensions be washed?

  • Before you start washing your extensions, the first thing you should do is untangle them.
  • Once you use shampoo, don’t forget to use masks that are specific for extensions. Remember not to use products containing keratin
  • It is important to use PH-neutral shampoo, the shampoo should be as gentle as possible, especially if you want to keep your extensions shiny. The neutral shampoo is good for both natural hair and extensions.
  • Once you have finished shampooing, avoid serum products. Serum products, which are generally used to restructure the ends of your natural hair, have an undesirable effect on the extensions.

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How to lather it?

When you are going to lather the hair, avoid rubbing or shaking it in a circular motion. All you have to do is to lather the hair in your palm and comb it with your fingers from top to bottom until you reach the ends.

Don’t forget to dry it properly. You must dry both the extensions and the natural hair well.

Have you tried Izabel Hair hair extensions?

Izabel Hair hair extensions come from a lineage of experienced professionals who focus on maintaining and caring for your hair. That is why we are so highly recommended. Our quality is 100%, that’s why we are different from many brands that are only looking for a monetary benefit while we focus on real hair care and women’s happiness. The textures and colors we offer allow a better adaptation to the needs of each type of woman. At Izabel Hair, we have the full confidence of our customers.

Keeping our customers satisfied is our greatest pride, our hair extensions are undoubtedly the perfect synonym of quality, innovation, and experience. We enjoy a large clientele in the United States.

At Izabel Hair, we are dedicated to producing, distributing, and selling hair extensions. We are committed to our customers and that is why we meet the highest standards for today’s women. Our hair is fully human hair. That is why our extensions can go through dyeing and washing procedures without risk of damage. We focus on keeping the cuticles in one direction only, that’s why our selection is very thorough, this allows them not to tangle when they are in contact with water. If you use Izabel Hair extensions your hair will never stop looking radiant, soft, frizz-free, and tangle-free. We only work with quality products, our clients are totally satisfied with the result they get when applying for our extensions. So if you want to start in the world of extensions do not hesitate to contact us, satisfying the needs of our customers is our greatest pride and doing it with quality products is part of our principles.

We will take care of the well-being of your hair because we know how important it is for each one of us, only we know how to understand your needs. Don’t miss an important event or a date with the love of your life just because you don’t know what to do with your hair. We will be the fairy godmothers of your radiant hair.


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