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5 Hairstyles that will always be trending

5 Hairstyles that will always be trending

The world of beauty is always changing, something that is trendy one day and worn by everyone can be completely outdated the next day. We’ve seen one trend after another, and one hairstyle after another come and go so many times, that you’d think there’s nothing you could wear without it being outdated in a few days.

However, this is not the case, since through the years there have been certain styles that have marked history and that no matter the time will always be in trend. So here we show you 5 hairstyles that you can use today and a year from now without getting lost among all the changes, being always fresh, fashionable, and above all beautiful.

Because for the 21st-century woman, we only bring you the best and the brightest among all the options that even the most iconic Hollywood celebrities have worn. So don’t stop any longer and keep reading the classic and timeless hairstyles you can wear.

Long and layered

Long hair is undoubtedly a very feminine and lovely style to look at, but sometimes it needs a makeover. One of the options that never go out of style is layers. They can be worn in the front or all over the head and add volume and definition. Layers will certainly give you more movement and a queenly look, but you need to choose the best style for your hair type to create a big impact.

In recent years many techniques have been created to create them, for example, they can be cut at an angle, to give more movement and naturalness to the hair. If you have a lot of hair or have thick hair, you can ask your stylist to do what is known as part to remove some volume.

A Hair Model That Is Trending

Layering in the front will give you extra appeal. It will make your hair look fuller, making it a very fun and fashionable look. While few layers can be one of the methods to preserve the length of the hair and relieve the weight of the hair

One way to get more out of layers is to use them on hair with waves or curls. This messy hairstyle is used all over the fashion runways. To achieve this you can use tools such as a curling iron or flat iron and good quality products to protect it from heat. You can keep your natural wave or create wavy hair with mousse. It is also important to keep it healthy, nourished, and shiny.

Bob style

If the first hairstyle was long and layered, the second must definitely be the bob cut that has become an icon in fashion. Discreet, functional, and elegant. These are the main characteristics of the bob cut, a timeless haircut that brings freshness to any type of face. The bob is a classic that is always in fashion. The reason? Its great versatility, as it can adapt to any type of face, refining it and adding years to it!


But not only that, the bob cut helps to clean up the hair, making it look healthier and with more volume. If you’re tired of dull hair, the bob is an ideal option to renew your look. Its freshness and elegance will undoubtedly give you an air of sophistication and style that you will love.In addition, there are different models within this same hairstyle, the best known are:

1. Classic Bob cut:

A classic bob has the same length all the way around and reaches a little below the chin. It has no outer layers but is cut a little shorter on the inside, which makes the hair curve inward naturally, without the help of a hairstyle.

Achieving a nice straight hairstyle is very simple. After washing the hair and gently towel drying it, apply mousse to lift the roots with damp hair. Then blow-dry while combing with a round brush inward.

2. Long bob:


Achieving a nice straight hairstyle is very simple. After washing the hair and gently towel drying it, apply mousse to lift the roots with damp hair. Then blow-dry while combing with a round brush inward.

3. Asymmetrical bob:

This type of bob can have the line of the above-mentioned bobs, but the difference is that it is longer on one side than the other. It reaches a few centimeters below the chin. It doesn’t have layers, but the difference in length is noticeable. If you have straight hair, the length difference on one side will be more noticeable.

4. Graduate bob:

This cut is shorter in the back than in the front, but curved, creating the shape of a horseshoe or U. It also has layers that follow this line, creating volume mainly in the back.

Of course, the number of layers can vary, creating more or less volume. The height of these layers can also vary. This is one of the most popular haircuts today and is used a lot with soft waves, creating a very nice tousled style.

Feathered fringe

A classic brought straight from the ’70s and ’80s that are still relevant today, every feathered hairstyle is iconic and very functional today, however, the feathered fringe is the one who takes the lead. This type of bang is very cool and unlike straight bangs, with these bangs, your features are not as pronounced, and you can have a softer, more relaxed look.

You can wear feathered bangs with different cuts, from a classic bob or a pixie cut to long curly hair. We assure you it will look perfect with whichever one you choose.

This choppy fuzz with fringe oozes big flirty vibes. Mid-shafted waves add to the dimension created by a balayage-like combination of tones and provide plenty of beauty for admirers to ogle.


Pixie cut

The pixie cut is the quintessential short haircut. In English, the term pixie means “pixie” or “fairy” and that is why it is used to name a type of haircut similar to the garçon cut that is associated with these charming mythological beings. The pixie cut is characterized by a shorter haircut at the back of the head and the temples, and slightly longer at the top of the head or crown to create more volume in this area.

Due to its characteristics, it is a masculine cut but with the particularity of a small or large fringe, which feminizes the look, adding a touch of elegance and style. Choosing the right pixie variation, it is a haircut that tends to flatter all women. The key is to play with the bangs, sideburns, color or top volume that best suits the shape of the face.

Like the bob cut, this model has several variations, among which we can highlight the following:

● Pixie with shaved sides

It is a quite marked type of haircut, since both the sides of the head and the back of the head are characterized by being shaved. It is a very daring and transgressive type of pixie cut that brings a lot of personality to the hair. The ideal is to play with a long fringe to increase your hairstyle possibilities.


● Pixie with shaved sides

It is a quite marked type of haircut, since both the sides of the head and the back of the head are characterized by being shaved. It is a very daring and transgressive type of pixie cut that brings a lot of personality to the hair. The ideal is to play with a long fringe to increase your hairstyle possibilities.

● Pixie baby bag:


It is characterized by extremely short, straight bangs above the eyebrows. This type of pixie cut is ideal for highlighting beautiful facial features, especially the eyes. Elongated and oval faces are best suited to this type of haircut.

● Pixie Mullet:


Short in the front and long in the back is the most avant-garde type of pixie cut. With several layers at the nape of the neck, it is undoubtedly the pixie haircut that best suits curly hair. It is a very “80’s” style cut that will immediately rejuvenate you.

● Rounded pixie

In this variety of pixie cuts, the protagonist is the marking of the hair that draws the line of the face, which is rounded. The hairstyle is completed with a round fringe that accentuates the upper part of the face.

● Scaled pixie with maxi bang

We are talking about a pixie haircut where there is a subtle scaling between the top of the head (which is longer) and the nape of the neck, which is shorter. The glam touch is provided by a large fringe or maxi fringe.

Shag cut

Last but not least, we have a stylish cut with a lot of attitude for your curly hair that has been in the fashion world for years and continues to set the trend. This is usually more used on curly hair, but nevertheless straight or wavy hair can also wear it in a spectacular way.

The shag cut, popularly known as the shaggy or swag cut, has established itself as a role model in terms of image. It is a versatile haircut that suits almost any type of face, making it a safe bet if you want a change of look without taking unnecessary risks. The shag cut is not defined by its length but by its style, and you can find it in multiple versions: short hair, long hair, with or without bangs… The basis of the cut? It is the length of its layers.

The shag is mainly characterized as a well-defined layered cut that not only gives more movement to the hair, but also defines and highlights the features of the face. The shaggy is a light, fresh, simple, young, and informal cut that allows you to play with both the length and your hair type. Whether you have tight curls, corkscrews, looser, or small curls.


Bonus: hair tones that never go out of style

As we have already established, the hairstyles that will never fail you and that will always be in the world of fashion. We want to add a plus and leave a small list of shades that you can combine with these hairstyles to be completely dazzling. So don’t go away, keep reading, you’ll be interested!

Colors that won’t go out of style:

● Light brown: Its ingredients with golden tints are the outstanding feature of this version, ideal for paler skins and with light eyes. Ideal for abandoning blonde with a gradual change.

● Medium brown: Very adaptable and versatile, it is just right for women with a rosy complexion and light or honey-brown eyes. Perfect as a base for balayage.

● Dark brown: Almost brunette and very shiny, it is recommended for brunettes and, because of the contrast, it also favors whiter women.

● Copper brown: It stands out for the reddish pigments in the background. It is more shocking and adds personality and style. It looks great in contrast with whiter skin and light eyes.

● Reds: Red or wine colors make you look younger and bolder than ever, not every girl would dare to wear such a color in her hair. It’s time for you to impose fashion with one of these colors.

● Intense black: A classic that never goes out of style, ideal for women who love to look elegant and conservative. A color that makes you catch looks and conquer the whole world when you set your mind to it.

● Ash-blonde: This is one of the darkest shades of blonde and is characterized by reflections that tend to be gray. It is indicated to conceal the appearance of the first gray hair. And that’s not all! It will suit you perfectly if you have a pale complexion and light eyes, as it is composed of very cold pigments.


With this information, we can say that you already have everything you need to shine with the new clothing and shoe trends that may arise. Any hairstyle and color you choose will always be idea, and you won’t have to worry about whether you are in fashion. We take care of you and want you to look fabulous every day!


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