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Question 2

What to do if you order hasn't arrived yet - What to do?

If your order hasnt arrived yet please, be patient. Sometimes the delivery may take a bit longer due to the delays between carriers
• Check your tracking
•If it is in transit with updates pelase wait some more
• If it is in transit without updates contact the carrier for more updates

Question 3

My tracking shows delivered but i havent recieved my order.

We are very sorry to hear that. We know that this can be a real pain. But we only ship products to your exact shipping adress that you provide us. But sometimes in some locations it gets delivered to local post offices. Please try to check everything and contact the mail company. Also dont forget to check your shipping adress provided for the order at your account.
Try to check with your households or neighboors if there has been some kind of mistake.
Check for safe drops near your home.

Question 4

I didn't receive a tracking email

Oh, we are sorry for that. Please check up your Spam folder in your mailbox and double check your email since you may have missed it. In case you still can't find it please contact us at

Question 5

The status of my order has stopped updating

If your updates have stopped dont worry, this is normal. Sometimes the carrier have delays, the package can be stuck at checkpoints, the scanning of your order is being skiped but the delivery is proceeding.

Question 6

My package has been delivered to the wrong adress

If your order is delivered to the wrong adress please check if you have submitted the right adress when you made the order. If yes please contact the mail office and notify them about this problem. They will send someone to take care of this problem. If you need further assistance please contact

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