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Messy Bun that Make you Look Cute & Pretty

Messy Bun that Make you Look Cute & Pretty

Sometimes we get up very quickly in the morning and have no idea what hairstyle to do but the easiest way to get a marvelous hairstyle is a messy bun hairstyle; even if we try to avoid it we can’t escape the hectic life, especially when it’s time to work or school, between homework and responsibilities we have no time for anything.

The idea is to go as fast as possible, but carelessness lets us get the upper hand. This is why quick hairstyles are always a lifesaver when it comes to putting together a good outfit in a short amount of time. And there is no better hairstyle in the “Quick” category than the “Messy Bun”. It’s simple, practical, cute and can be done in a minute or less!…

What are Messy Buns?

It’s a relatively easy hairstyle to make, very versatile and practical for those moments when you don’t have a lot of time or energy for something elaborate, but you don’t want to look too simple either.

Is a fun and elegant way to wear a nice relaxed look and still make a good impression, combined with a good outfit and a chic attitude. This hairstyle was born from a simple idea on a day when the mood didn’t lend itself to an elaborate look, today it is the preferred hairstyle for a quick outing when time is short.

How Can I Do It?

There are many unique ways to make it, so it is the best option to use and can be perfectly paired with almost any accessory you have on hand. This hairstyle is also helpful if you have messy hair and do not have time to change it. Here are some step-by-step hairstyles to save your outing.

Choose your favorite!

Messy Bun Simple:

Step 1: With your fingertips, scrunch your hair from the roots to ends.

Step 2: Take a ponytail and make it as high as you can.

Step 3: Take the end of the ponytail  and  spiral it around the base of the bun to hide the garter. Then secure the end with a simple bobby pin and hide it under the bun.

Step 4: Pull out a thin strand on each side of the forehead and mess up the hairline a little more if you find it doesn’t affect the chignon.

Recommendations: It is advisable to have the hair completely dry to do this hairstyle. After finishing you can touch up with hairspray for a long duration.

Messy Bun Braided:

Step 1: Comb the hair from the roots to the tips.

Step 2: Make a high ponytail followed by a braid.

Step 3: Take the braid and slowly pull each curl to give it a tousled effect.

Step 4: Bring the braid around the base of the bun and secure it with a bobby pin so that it is hidden under the chignon.

Recommendations: Use a stiff bristle brush to make the braid  look more tousled. You can apply hairspray to maintain the hairstyle for a longer period.

Effortless Messy Bun


Step 1: After thoroughly detangling the hair, divide it into two halves at the roots.

Step 2: Make a low ponytail with an elastic while slowly messing up both sides of the hair from the roots.

Step 3: Before finishing the ponytail, fold the half of the hair inside the band without pulling it all the way through so that it looks like a small bun.

Step 4: Take the bun and secure it so that the rolled hair covers both the ponytail and the hair fold.

Step 5: Take the excess and wrap it around the topknot and secure it with a bobby pin or a decorative bobby pin.

Recommendations: Apply hairspray on the top of the head, but not on the bun as such as it will affect the mobility. You can also decorate rubber bands to highlight the hairstyle.


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