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Amazing trend of 2021: Cool face framing highlights

Amazing trend of 2021: Cool face framing highlights

When you first see them, you probably won’t like them at all. But as time goes by you will see that you won’t want to spend another day without them in your hair. And this trend has come to stay among us all, reborn again, as they were also fashionable in the 90s where many celebrities became our gurus of the Chunky Highlights. The best of all is that they are very varied and can adapt to everyone’s tastes, from an elegant touch to a more casual or street style, there is a lot to choose from!

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There are also different sizes and applications, so you do not have to look like everyone else to wear them, just choose the ones that suit your style and show them off with attitude! The only feature that differentiates them from other highlights is that they should only be in the front part of the hair, although the basic color of these is gold, you can use them in red, green, blue, or brown, take your imagination to the limit and cause trend with them and a crazy color!

Characteristics of the Chunky Highlights


·         They cause rage and contrast at a glance

If you have ever seen the TV series Friends, you’ll know what we’re talking about because you remember Rachel or her actress, Jennifer Aniston. Imagine thick strands, in the front and wearing a strong color that can make a contrast similar to the skin of a zebra.

·         We won’t be slaves to the salon.

This is a problem every time we try bleaching, and we have to go to the salon every two weeks to make sure they are not damaged or to do a simple touch-up. Luckily, with Chunky Highlights we do not have to. Since the function, them is to create contrast, so if our hair grows out or the color gets lighter there is no problem! They are still fabulous and totally fine to wear, people will think you are wearing a new version of them and will not judge you for keeping “Your hair unkempt”. Although if you want to, you can go for a touch-up, again we tell you no need!

·         They are not curly

We can determine that we talk about Chunky Highlights if the strands are in a straight and linear way the hair, the idea is that it doesn’t create the sensation of waves, but quite the opposite, therefore straight hair usually has a better advantage in this trend. But, we can’t deny that on curly hair they look spectacular!

·         Front strands can be boosted

If we want to treat all our hair, we can apply a base color that increases the contrast between the front strands and the back of the hair, so we can make the strands stand out a lot more. We can also do different hairstyles like just holding our hair up and leaving the front strands loose to show off the technique, plus it is also super trendy!

·         Other techniques can be added

One way to use this trend in a more elegant or discreet way is to add other techniques such as baby lights or balayage. This will make your hair look uniform and you don’t need to just do the long linear strands in the front, would you try it? They are ideal to wear to the office or if you just don’t like the main Chunky Highlights technique.

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·         No matter how long your hair is

Yes, we have to admit that if you have long hair, the highlights will have greater prominence, but this does not mean that they are more beautiful than when we apply them on short hair! If you want them to be more noticeable in your bob, you can simply add more thickness than normal and use a darker shade for the base, like brown or black. On the other hand, just wear them lightly, they will still look gorgeous!

·         No matter your age

The trends are not just for 20-somethings who want to look cool, both younger and more advanced girls can apply this technique, and it makes us look so sophisticated and gorgeous that we can simply walk into any kind of environment without any problem. So it’s not too late and not too early, the only condition to use the Chunky Highlights is to keep them well cared for and have enough attitude to wear them like a queen. So, run to the salon and talk to your trusted hairdresser to start the treatment now!

Remember to consider the well-being of your hair before everything else

You should consider that like any chemical product, you would need to have your hair assessed before applying it so that you don’t damage your hair with harmful chemicals that it cannot tolerate and there is the possibility of irreparable damage to your hair. If your hair is badly damaged, even if it is only in the front part of your hair, you will need to recover it before proceeding. We do not want any irreparable accidents.

After this, it’s time to look at our hair color and find a contrasting shade. If we are blonde, we will need the blonde of our Chunky Highlights to be brighter and more outrageous than our natural ones. Or if you are a brunette, gold will do, and even reddish colors will be perfect. Remember that the only basis for this is that the tone of the highlights should be a little more outrageous than your natural hair color, just experiment and see what color suits you best!


So much for today’s article. We hope we have been of help and motivation to try a trend that comes from 2020 and will continue in 2021. Remember that all these types of treatments only need good care, and above all the attitude and comfort of the person who is using it, nothing more! Remember to visit our main page and explore the different trends and tips we have for every type of hair.


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