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If you have fine thin hair you should absolutely check this guide.

If you have fine thin hair you should absolutely check this guide.

Unlike what some may think, having thin or fine thin hair is not a problem, the problem arises when it begins to progressively weaken until it reaches a decadent state in which your mane no longer looks healthy. The reasons why our hair can lose its density or become thinner are varied. These can be due to a hormonal change, stress, poor diet, aging, and certain types of diseases, chemical products, and even some side effects due to the consumption of medicines. When we refer to chemical products, we are talking about treatments such as bleaching with ammonia and other components that are usually very strong for the hair, which can result in weakness.

How do you know if you have fine or thick hair?

There are some methods to deduce how thick your hair is, they are not scientifically proven methods but they can help you to get an idea of how your hair is.


Technique one: This technique is best applied in the summertime, either when you are taking a dip in the pool, or you’re just getting out of the ocean. Let me guide you, the first thing to do is to get your hair completely wet and then let it air dry. After the first hour has passed since you let it dry, if your hair is completely dry, this could mean that it is thin fiber or fine hair. If, on the other hand, you notice that an hour has passed and your hair is still wet, it is much more likely that your hair is coarse.

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Technique two: In this second method, you will need to subtract one of your beloved strands of hair, either by pulling it out or taking it from your brush. Make sure it is just one, you don’t need that many. Now you will need a white background, it can be a wall, a piece of paper or something similar. If when you place the hair on the white background you can distinguish it without problems, then it means that it is much thicker than you thought, if on the contrary, it takes you time to notice it is there or you cannot see it at all, that can be a point in favor of fine hair. Alternatively, maybe you have a vision problem, who knows. Make sure you wear your glasses!

Now then, are you a little clearer about which hair type you belong to? If you’ve come to the conclusion that your hair is probably thinner than normal, here are some tips to help you make it stand out. Don’t stop reading, this will interest you!

Things you shouldn’t do if you have thin hair

  • Avoid combing your hair with plastic combs or combs with very stiff bristles. In order to avoid breakage, you can replace this type of combs with more flexible alternatives. For them, there are special combs.


  • When it comes to fine hair, it is best to avoid using the hairdryer at maximum power and especially avoid too high temperatures, the same applies when using hair straighteners or curling irons. As we know that using this type of product is often unavoidable, we recommend that you use a heat protectant before applying them. This will help you to protect your hair and together with this use a hair straightener that allows you to control its temperature manually, do your best not to go beyond 180 degrees. Your hair will thank you and you will not stop looking radiant.


  • As with flat iron, it is not advisable to use chemical products such as bleach, especially if they are very strong or aggressive. However, as we know that we cannot avoid having that tone that we like so much, there are always more natural and less toxic alternatives, so if you apply a dye, make sure that it does not have components that can be harmful.


  • Avoid creating tension in your hair. You must be very careful when taming your hair with rubber bands since the pressure or tension that may be produced can break your hair. That’s why we recommend braiding your hair in braids that are not too tight and avoid using ponytails.


  • It is very important to stop using products that contain silicone or are derived from petroleum. This is because they are very harmful to this type of hair and if what we want is to keep it healthy, it is better to start reading all the labels to opt for better options.

Now, you already know the things you should avoid, but now we will provide you with some tips so you know how to take better care of it.

Small recommendations for fine hair


It is important that you pay attention to the amounts you should use when applying products or any type of treatment to your hair. Remember that, since your hair is not so thick, it may not require as much, so use a little at a time until you reach the necessary amount, avoid overdoing it. In addition to getting what we want, we can avoid problems such as dandruff or itching due to excess.

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If what you want is to increase the volume of your hair, when you are going to apply a rinse in your hair, avoid doing it from the root. It is recommended that you apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends.

The main problem with fine hair is that it breaks easily. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to braid fine hair or put it in a tight bun. Remember that tension can make your hair break much more easily. If you want to change up the style a bit, then try light chignons that don’t require as many clips.

Be patient when it comes to untangling your hair, it is very normal for it to tend to get tangled. When you go to do this task, try to be subtle, remember that a poorly executed movement can cause breakage. To do this you can apply some type of conditioner that allows you to make this task an easier process and to ensure that it is not so aggressive, this can be done with your fingertips. Although it is not strictly necessary to do it this way, you can use a comb if you prefer, but keep in mind the tips above.

When you go to sleep, put your hair up in a satin cap. This is a very practical method that will help you avoid frizz and breakage.

If it’s time to wash your hair, it’s best to use a clarifying shampoo. This will allow you to remove residue and buildup from other hair products. To use this product you should take into account the frequency with which you wash your hair. As a recommendation, you can use it every 15 days, every two weeks, or if it is not so necessary, once a month. The frequency with which you apply the product will depend on the state in which you look at it.

On the other hand, there are treatments with proteins that can also be very helpful to treat our fine hair. Of these proteins, we can find keratin or some others such as silk amino acids that help to strengthen and give the body fine hair.

As we mentioned before, blow-drying should be done in the open air. The less you use the blow dryer, the better it will be for your hair. However, if you find it too tedious and don’t want to rely on it all the time, you can use a blow dryer at a low temperature. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant before applying the flat iron or blow dryer.

To finish off this batch, don’t forget to always have your coconut oil. It acts as a sealer for fine hair. In addition to being a great moisturizer and having an exquisite smell.

I hope all these tips can be of great help to you. Now we would like to talk about another topic, I’m sure you are wondering how to care for your fine hair? Because after so much care, surely you’re not sure how you should wear it.

Hairstyles for fine thin hair

·         Manicured midi mane

The well-known mid-lengths have become a trend in recent times. This style is a middle ground between long and short. This allows for great versatility and is a very popular hairstyle in the celebrity world. In case you opt for a medium-length polished bob, you can apply wavy strands close to the face. This gives your mane volume, just like if you want to wear it straight. Remember that the shorter the hair, the more volume, and movement you will have.

·         High bun

One hairstyle to consider is the classic updo. It’s very easy to do and is a clean bun that doesn’t put a lot of stress on your mane. Very classic to show off your mane and create volume.

·         Pixie

The pixie hairstyle is a symbol for girls with fine hair, so you can add it to your repertoire. You turn the “disadvantages” of your hair into an advantage and pass the scissors. Without a doubt one of the most comfortable hairstyles that will save you a lot of expense and products. If you want to give more life to the pixie, I recommend complementing it with a fringe. Definitely, a look to wear every day.

Fine Thin Hair

·         Wavy mid-length hair

We mentioned it before, but this cut is so versatile that it has other variations. So don’t hesitate to contact your trusted hairdresser and apply soft waves or if you wish, much more pronounced curls to increase the volume of your hair.

·         Tousled effect braid

Do not worry if you have tousled hair, there are solutions. The way you want to apply the braids is up to you, whether you want, a more careless or style that is more elaborate is up to you. You can complement this hairstyle by leaving some strands unbraided to make it look more natural. If you braid your hair at the bottom, this could help you to take out the strands at the top to achieve more volume.

·         Bob

This is another type of haircut that can help us to show off our hair type. The classic cut below the ears can be side parted or middle-parted, and this gives the hair more volume.


·         Tousled effect ponytail with the volume on top

The ponytail is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use hairstyles. This could be the top of the pyramid of the most all-terrain hairstyles, a style that undoubtedly stands out and can be one of your secret weapons when performing various tasks.  For this you only need a ponytail, you can do it at the top and leave the rest loose to achieve that messy effect. To give a plus to this hairstyle you can leave some strands loose and give it that disheveled touch. Without a doubt another hairstyle to give volume to your hair.


·         Asymmetrical Pixie

If you are familiar with pixie haircuts, you probably already know the asymmetrical pixie. If you do not, then you might like this one, it consists of leaving one side longer than the other. A very comfortable and fashionable haircut. It has long strands as bangs providing texture and volume to your hair.

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Now you have all the information you need to take care of your fine hair. As you can see, in the end, it is not a disadvantage as everyone may think. You just need to know how to take care of it and you will definitely be able to keep looking great without worrying so much. With these hairstyles and extra care that we give you, you can try the best option for you and highlight your face. Remember that all hair is beautiful and you should not be ashamed to show it off! You just need to have enough attitude.


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