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Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Perfect In Every Outfit

Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Perfect In Every Outfit

Breaking out of the monotony and trying something new will always be a tough choice to make, but we’ll never be disappointed with the result. This year 2021 is a time for renewal, and your hair shouldn’t be left behind! From applying for extensions to bleaching it or trying a new hairstyle, have you thought about what you’re going to try today?

We bring you some ideas so it won’t be so difficult for you to choose your daily style, the only requirements to wear them are: Be confident enough and wear them like a queen!

Hairstyles for long hair:

  • Half-up bun in a braid:

This hairstyle has many benefits for those who are looking to style a little more the area of your face, since being a high hairstyle has the particularity to make you look taller than you are, and slim your face. It has a lot of potentials!

To do it we will need to use the top of your head. We will braid the entire center strand towards the back of the head, and tie it into a bun at the crown of the head.

If you want a more casual look, you can pull a few strands out of the bun and add volume with wavy strands at the fringe part.


  • Bubble updo

This is an ideal hairstyle to wear to a wedding or a more formal event because of the way the hair is gathered. We are going to make a ponytail in the center of the head and with the help of several rubber bands; we are going to make a kind of bubble ponytail. For this we will simply tie several rubber bands along with the ponytail and fluff them up, pulling them a little bit. Then we will twist it into a bun without scrunching it too much so as not to undo the main bubbles. And that’s it!

It’s an easy but very versatile bun, and it will always give you an elegant touch.

  • Bubble ponytail with a braided tiara

If your hair is quite long, this look is ideal for you. There’s the basic bubble ponytail that will be on trend this 2021, but we don’t want to just be part of the trend, we want to double it.

We will start by making a simple ponytail at a medium height, not so high as the braids will take care of the top of our head. And you will put the rubber bands along the ponytail to create the bubble effect.

You will leave two loose strands on both sides of your head, and start braiding each one of them. Then, you will bring them around your head and hold them with some clips or rubber bands in the ponytail you already had made. And if you prefer, you can leave some areas tousled to create a more elevated texture. This is one of the prettiest hairstyles on the list, and the best part is that even though it looks elaborate, it only takes a few minutes to do!

  • Updo with braid around it

A somewhat formal hairstyle to wear to a daytime event doesn’t have much difficulty but it depends on the person who does it if the look is neat or a bit messy. If you know how to do it and play with it, it can be very flexible!

To do it we will need to comb all our hair back and make a high ponytail. It’s worth noting that the more height we add the better our hairstyle will look. We’ll flip it over, and make it into a bun. When we fix it well, we will separate from our hair two strands that are at the height of our new bun. After this, we will braid both of them and cover what we did before with them. We will twist them and we can adjust them with either rubber bands or bobby pins.

Although it is a usual updo, it is not totally elegant and not very elaborate either. But it depends on the outfit you wear, how functional it will be. It can be worn with a short dress, as well as with casual jeans. But it’s up to your taste and creativity what you will wear it with.

A very chic bet to try is to combine it with your usual office outfit, it can be with a knee-length skirt and a button-down shirt with pastel colors. But the important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.


Hairstyles for short hair

  • Back bun

To achieve this look we will need some external help in the form of volumizing sprays or with your own fingers. You can also use the brush in the opposite way to make some relief. Mainly, we will grab a small mid-length ponytail, give it a little volume with our fingers, pull it back, and hold it with a small bun or a hairclip of your choice. It doesn’t get any easier than this! A feminine and chic hairstyle immediately!

  • Side chignons

With this hairstyle, we go back to the nineties in style. For a long time, two buns with colored rubber bands were in trend, this will give you a vintage and very chic vibe.

To do this we will need to untangle our hair and separate it in the middle, then take one of the two strands and make a bun in one part of our head, with a transparent garter. Then we will pull it a little bit to loosen some strands and not make it so neat. Repeat the process on the other side.

We can take some strands out of the part of our bangs if we want to look a bit nicer, but it’s totally optional.

  • Braids

There are multiple alternatives to make braids, all for any type of hair; and this does not except short hair. It is a good option if we don’t want our hair to be in the way of our face, and one of the most modern ways to do them is to make a top knot with braids coming from the nape of the neck.

To do this we will need to make a braid or two with the bottom strands of your hair, and take them up to the crown of your head. After this, we will take all the remaining hair and secure it at the top in a bun with a bow or a rubber band. We can use thick ponytails to give the impression of volume in our hair. This will leave our neck uncovered but with a full and beautiful street style.

  • Mini braids

This will help you achieve another street look quite chic, and also fulfills its function of keeping our mane in control for up to two whole days. For this we are going to separate the hair into five or six different strands, and we will make a French braid from each of the strands, tightly pulled towards the scalp. It has to go from the beginning of the hair at the forehead to the end of the nape of the neck. We can put some extras like ribbons or some metallic touches like some small rings between the hair.

Tips or advice to keep in mind:


  • If your man tends to be very straight and doesn’t create waves naturally, you can try using hair clips to make some waves in the bangs or you can do them before you do the hairstyle. This will add some texture to your hair.


  • You can also use a bit of setting spray on the ends of your hair and even when you finish styling as this will prevent some unwanted stray hairs from popping out. It also increases the duration of the hairstyle due to its immediate hold.

  • If you have to attend a party or an important event, these hairstyles will save the day. You can use accessories such as earrings or necklaces to add elegance to the look or a more comfortable and casual touch. Play with your hair and get the result you want!


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