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Understand The Difference – Avoid Color Mishup The Right Way

Understand The Difference – Avoid Color Mishup The Right Way

There are days when we think about taking the plunge into a radical makeover, and we don’t usually do it. But if you’re here, I can bet you’re serious about it. We have to be aware that any hair color looks good on us if we have enough attitude and delicacy when wearing it, but if we want to go for something safer, we can study the psychology of color at our convenience and decide which tones suit us best depending on our skin type.

Don’t know which color suits you best? Don’t worry, here are some options to try that will guess your skin color. If you already know but want to make sure, you can do it anyway. Are you ready? Here we go!

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Ways to find out our ideal shade

Stand next to a window or open space:

Let’s stand in a brightly lit place where we can position ourselves with our small mirror without having the full reflection of the sun on our face. We will look at ourselves a little bit and determine our color by the area under our eyes (If you have dark circles under your eyes, don’t worry, it is still the same procedure). If the skin has a little more purple or blue tones, your skin is a cool tone. If it’s more focused on orange or green, you have a warm tone. And if it’s somewhere in between, you have neutral skin.

Try a little blush

We’re going to apply on one cheek a pastel shade, pink preferably. And on the other, we’re going to apply a sweeter shade, like a peach. Don’t worry and don’t skimp on blush, it’s just a test and you need to make sure enough. After this, we will proceed again to stand in a lighted area with a mirror without the sun hitting us directly in the face. If the pink part suits you more and highlights your tone much more, you have cool tones. If it is the opposite and the other cheek brings out the golden colors of your cheeks, you are warm. And if both look good on you, you’re neutral.

Observe your skin and its reaction to sun exposure:

If your skin tends to burn when exposed to the sun without sunscreen, you probably have cool tones. While tanned skins or with more tropical tones tend to tan twice as much, but being a little more resistant than the previous one. This remains between a brown or purple tone in the tanned area, darkening the color a little more. If you only barely blush, you are a person with neutral tones.

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White sheet :

The idea of this is not to give you a new disguise, you will only place it on your shoulders and look at yourself in the mirror. Remember that it should be in a place with intermediate lighting so you can notice every detail better. If when you put it on, your skin highlights pastel colors in your skin, you have cold tones. Usually, people with a warm tone have a more golden or orange skin tone. This is due to the pigmentation of the skin, it is pure genetics.

Look closely at your forearm:

Especially the area of the veins, can you identify the color that is exposed? Remember to be in a well-lit area, as these colors can be confusing at first glance. If your veins look greenish, you are a person with warm tones. If they look blue, you are a person with cool tones. Do you see both tones in your veins? You are a neutral tone person.

Put on a gold and silver necklace:

With our mirror in a lighted place, we will put it on one by one observing well how it contrasts with our skin in both tones. Cool tones tend to wear silver accessories or jewelry better, as it blends well with your skin tone. While the neutrals wear with both, and the warm ones go better with the necklace made of gold as it matches with your golden shades. This is one of the least viable tests but still, if you need to try it, go for it. We say this as this will depend a lot on the type of garment you wear unless you buy both necklaces in the same colors.

Shade division:

We have reached the moment you have all been waiting for! We hope the above information has been quite useful and that you can add it now along with this shade division.

Fair skin: Cool shades

Quite benefited by her versatility when it comes to applying hair tones, as everything looks good on her. But there is only one color to avoid for this skin type, and that is black/blue. Because depending on the shape of your face, it can make your features look even harder. But this only depends on the person, as there are cases where they look excellent and even more so with loose hair.

An excellent option is the dark brown tones, almost chocolate. This brings a little more color to the face, a more tropical touch that illuminates the complexion. If you want to opt for lighter tones, such as blonde, you will need to choose a champagne or ash color. Since you have a light complexion, you will look like a princess out of a fairy tale, plus it changes the face immediately and makes it look even cleaner. We also tell you that reddish tones are perfect for your skin tone.

Fair skin: Warm tones

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The shades that suit this type of skin that is still light are light browns. These can be combined with honey or golden babylights, making a beautiful contrast with the skin tone. Ash-blonde is also excellent and you can even be a redhead without any problem. It is a very versatile shade and one of the most universally loved.

·         Neutral Skin: Cool Tones

This skin type is the ultimate owner of honey or light brown tones, also ashy. Any color that brings even more warmth to your skin will look great on you. In addition, these tones give you a nice visual aesthetic as they make you look a little more tanned or caramelized. Also, these shades tend to diminish the strong features of the face, so you will look sweeter and brighter. If you want to have red hair tones, you can opt for a darker shade such as auburn, which will give you a striking and provocative look.

·         Neutral Skin: Warm tones

Dark tones, such as brown or pure black, are quite striking. It gives an air of grandeur, strength, and empowerment. They fit perfectly with imposing personalities, or if you want to have a more sophisticated and elegant look. If you prefer light tones like blonde, try to choose a tone that goes more to the golden and adds shine to your face. Because these types of tones tend to have the particularity of dulling the features of the face. Therefore we need to give more luminosity to the central part of our face. If you want reddish hair, you should also try to go for striking tones and focus on golden highlights.

·         Dark skin: Cool tones

Contrary to light skin, here it is strongly recommended to use black/blue hair color in the darkest and hardest way possible. It brings seriousness and elegance to our faces. We can also try dark brown colors, which we can complement with baby light highlights in honey or golden tones. They bring more brightness to our complexion and highlight our features making us look imposing. If you are a glamorous person who doesn’t want to have something ordinary, try platinum tones. And if you want something a little more radical, try dark reddish tones which will make you look sexy and gorgeous at the same time.

·         Dark Skin: Warm Tones

Yes, we will again recommend blue-black tones, and again we will recommend them in their most powerful expression as it brings distinction and depth to our physical appearance. In general, it is almost the same as the cold tones of this type of skin, as medium or chocolate browns with light babylights are used again. Although we especially recommend the burgundy dye as it adds a lot of light to our face.

General tips after dyeing your hair

We know you’re excited about your new hair color, but do you know how to take care of it? Don’t worry, here are some tips so you won’t be on cloud nine. Remember that every hair is different and you need the advice of your hairdresser to adapt treatment to your needs.

·         You need a special shampoo for your hair

Remember that you went through treatment with somewhat abrasive chemicals, we are not going to lie to you, dyeing our hair tends to mistreat it a little; therefore it will need special care so that while you look a dreamy mane, she can be well inside and not fall apart. The importance of the shampoo is fundamental, one without sulfates will help the hair to recover and rehydrate in a few days.

·         You don’t need to wash it constantly

This is a very important point, as doing this step can discolor the hair, cause even more dehydration and create uncomfortable fungus on the scalp. Therefore it is recommended for this type of hair to wash it every 4 days depending on how much oil it accumulates. If it tends to get very dirty on a daily basis, try using a spray or dry shampoo. It will absorb the oil from your hair and leave it shiny and shiny in no time.

Rehydrate your hair

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As mentioned before, after this chemical process your hair can get a little brittle. Therefore it is essential to buy products that don’t violate the laws of color-treated hair but allow you to rehydrate your hair sufficiently. If you don’t want to spend on expensive products, you can go for non-invasive homemade masks. You decide which one to use.

·         Don’t use unnecessary heat tools

One thing to consider after coloring your hair is that you won’t be able to apply constant heat after the process. Although I know we know that our friends the flat iron and blow dryer have been with us for a long time, we should say goodbye to them for a while or maybe forever.

So much for our explanation today, did you follow all the steps, did you understand everything? We are glad you did! We hope our information is useful and you can make the right decision for you. If you think you made a mistake when choosing a shade and you are not sure about wearing it, remember that you can still do it as long as you have the confidence to wear it. Fashion is about taking risks, create your own trend, and be the center of attention. You don’t have to follow specific rules, just have fun and enjoy what you wear!


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