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The New Extension Brand That Is Becoming The Women’s Favorite Choice

The New Extension Brand That Is Becoming The Women’s Favorite Choice

If we talk about new trends, we can’t avoid talking about how extensions are taking over the world of fashion and celebrities. Wherever you go you will find beautiful long, voluminous, and shiny manes that are created thanks to 100% real human hair extensions. And we can’t pass up the opportunity to tell you how to get that same result at home with the best quality on the market.

So, here we bring you everything you need to know about the new brand that is becoming a trend and which you should not miss out on trying for anything in the world. From how the company works, their orders, what they offer you and undoubtedly, most importantly, why you should choose them? So, let’s get started!

Izabel Hair Company, The Extensions Brand That Will Make You Shine

If you didn’t know it, now you will, Izabel Hair company, mostly known as Izabel Hair, is the new brand of extensions that is turning the world around, it works through its website and has been recognized by brands such as Allure, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

The company is known for offering high-quality extensions, made from 100% human hair, clip-in and seamless style, with a range of models and colors to choose from that will leave you open-mouthed. Izabel Hair extensions comply with Remy quality, which is the gold quality when it comes to extensions, they are washable, you can iron them, dry them, shape them and braid them as much as you want, without the fear of damaging them, burning them, or fluffing them.

In addition, one of the best features of this brand is not only the product but the attention they offer you that makes you want to buy again and again. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to buy their extensions with the help of a professional who will make you look beautiful, and for free!

Izabel Hair’s mission as a company is undoubtedly to make you look like a queen, revitalize your style, confidence, and self-esteem only by adding the shine your hair needs to look fabulous.

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Styles offered by Izabel Hair

One of the many reasons why these extensions are making so much noise among their buyers is this, the different models of extensions they offer on their website. The brand has a section for each model or collection they have for sale, and through each of them you can easily choose the color and length of your extensions. The models they have are the following:

Ponytail extensions

One model of extensions we all need is this one, and Izabel Hair knows it. With this model of extension, you can achieve an elegant, sober, fun, or cool look depending on how you style your hair. You can add volume, length, and density to your ponytail, and even as an extra you can choose if you want the extension to come with waves, curls, or a perfect square.

Ponytail extensions are definitely an extremely versatile piece, which you can easily choose in the color you want and that best suits your hair. Also, the way the clips come is ideal, as you only have to adjust it to your hair, surround your ponytail with the edge, and with a special extension that comes with it, cover the area of the seam. As easy as that!

Volumizer extensions

If you’ve always wanted voluminous, shiny, and strong hair, then this collection from Izabel Hair is perfect for you. Each of the extensions that make up this group is specially designed so that when placed in your hair they add a soft body, with a natural look, fresh, and above all very abundant.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about weight. Even if they are to add volume because they are made of human hair, they don’t weigh more than they should, and you can look beautiful without suffering from headaches or scalp damage. Plus, because they are clip-ins, you can remove them at the end of the day and enjoy your natural hair whenever you want.

Seamless collection

As if having the best quality, with a reasonable price and an almost undetectable clip system wasn’t enough, Izabel Hair set out to offer this collection that you are going to love. SEAMLESS extensions, you read that right, goodbye to stitching the area near the root, with this collection everything will be completely undetectable.

You’ll be able to safely wear your extensions all day, everywhere you go, and you’ll know that no one will notice anything beyond the stunning hair you’ll be sporting with every step. The best part? It has the same efficient clip system that assures you a concise hold with no danger of them falling out or moving as the hours go by.

Classic clip-in extensions

And of course, it’s always good to go back to the classics. The most used model of extensions around the world with Remy quality at your fingertips, literally at a click. We recommend this collection above all for those who are just starting to use extensions for the first time, as they will adapt to them easily.

As with the previous ones, they will have the advantage of being able to take them out and put them in whenever they want or need them. They will be able to reinvent themselves with new hairstyles every day. And if you have particularly short hair, by purchasing this option you can have two totally different styles that will make you shine and look exquisitely beautiful.

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Colors And Lengths That Izabel Hair Offers You For Your Extensions

Just as the brand has different models from which to choose your extensions, it also has an impressive range of colors to choose from at the time of your purchase. Whether you want to match the style perfectly with your hair color or perhaps be a little more daring and try playing with colors to create a highlight effect.

Some colors available on the site are:

● Jet black
● Black-brown
● Dark brown
● Chocolate brown
● Brown
● Chestnut swirl
● Mocha swirl
● Coco Blonde
● Sandy blonde
● Vanilla Blonde
● Baby Blonde
● Pale Ash Blonde

And a few more!

Tip: Remember that when choosing, it’s advisable to choose your hair color or a darker one, never choose a lighter color! That could make the style of your look not look as good as you hope.

Also, besides being able to choose the color, you have the option to choose the length you want to add to your hair. Once you are placing your order you can notice the buttons, which mark the following lengths:

● 16″ inches, which would be approximately 40.60 centimeters.
● 20″ inches, which corresponds to 50.8 centimeters in length.

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Value For Money Of Izabel Hair Extensions

After looking at the good catalog that Izabel Hair has, we have to talk about the quality of each of the pieces in the catalog. And what a pleasure, that all we can say now are good things, because this brand has been dedicated to polish over time all the details of your product.

Let’s start talking about the use of human hair that is 100% real, it is clear that their product is created from a healthy, strong, shiny, well treated, and above all obtained legally and fairly. This allows us to buy with much more confidence, knowing that the product we are about to acquire will not be below our expectations.

Every piece you can buy from the brand will come to you, with an impeccable appearance, without split ends, with a uniform color, in addition to the clips in their correct positions without breaks in the seams or damage to the band of the seamless extensions.

And here, is where the complement to this great quality comes in, which is the price of the product. Izabel Hair extensions are some of the best on the market because their quality is worth their price and their price does not outweigh their quality.

Depending on which model you choose, the color and length will clearly vary, but I assure you that you won’t lose an eye in the process.

Izabel Hair Customer Service

A good brand does not become a “good” brand only because of its product, or its price, but also because of the people behind the brand, who attend to the orders and the customers, who offer the product or solve doubts. And as we know, so does Izabel Hair.

The brand has invested enough time to recognize the importance of customer service, to the point of offering free advice at the time of purchase by a beauty professional, with the sole intention that you choose the best option within its catalog for you.

Their empathy and professionalism are so great that they extend their attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So there is no time when you can not consult doubts such as:

What color is closest to your hair color? What length would look good? What model works best for the occasion? What care should you give to your extensions? What color can you use to create a game of highlights in your hair? And many more.

The best part? You can be sure that no matter what model you buy, what color, length, or amount of volume you choose, it will always fit you like a glove. Plus, as a bonus, the brand offers free shipping in the United States and a free return within 60 days of shipment in the rare case that your product is damaged.

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Is Izabel Hair Really Functional For You?

We have already marked the models offered by the brand, the colors to choose from, the length to choose from, and the value for money as well as the customer service they provide, so there is only one thing left to clarify: Are they really functional? Should I choose them?

And the answer is a resounding YES.

But we won’t just leave it at that, read on as we bring you every single reason why choosing Izabel Hair as many women around the world do will be your best choice.

Some reasons to choose this brand are:

● Izabel Hair extensions, regardless of the model, are all washable. So whether you sweat a little during the day or at night on an outing, you don’t have to worry because you will be able to clean them in case they acquire any odor or uncomfortable texture.

● The act of putting in and taking out the extensions is extremely simple. No more excessive time in the salon to put in the extensions, a couple of minutes will be enough, and you can do it yourself from home.

● They are moldable to new styles, hairstyles, and shapes. Do not think that because they are extensions you should always use the same hairstyle or the same style, not at all, on the contrary. As they are made of real human hair you can give them any style you want, a half updo, a braid, one day straight, the next day some waves, it can always be different.

● They will blend in with your hair right away. Because of the material they are made of, you don’t have to think about whether it will be noticeable that you are wearing extensions or if the material will feel fake when you touch them. Just put them close to your root with the clip, try them out for a bit, and you probably won’t even be able to tell the difference.

After reading all this, and even for us after writing it, we only managed to convince ourselves more and confirm why this brand is fast becoming a favorite among women. Everything has what it should have and more, there is no flaw in their system and definitely, if you don’t choose Izabel Hair having the opportunity, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t wait any longer! Go for it all, you won’t regret it.


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