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The DIY mask that you absolutely fall in love with

The DIY mask that you absolutely fall in love with

Face masks are the star product of many people around the world when it comes to taking care of their face, as they have many benefits for the skin, and can keep it rejuvenated and healthy.

It’s true that we worry a lot about how our makeup looks or how we can make it neater, but what about the skin underneath that layer of products? Doesn’t it need care? And the more you neglect it, the less you’ll achieve neat makeup and you can develop other things like a further increase in dead skin or facial dermatitis.

Face mask and in general, multiple beauty routines, are to make sure your skin is not damaged while you apply other external products or simply to give your face a daily break with a little moisturizing or relaxing session. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it would be good if you apply some masks from time to time as it not only has benefits for people who use it. You can choose a day of the week where you are free and you can relax while you apply it

Its name comes from its own function and is that it must be placed on the dermis for a small period of time to take effect, and then be removed. Therefore, the name mask fits perfectly. It should be noted that there is not only one, but multiple functions and you can choose between several products depending on the needs of your face.

A small recommendation from our team is that before applying the masks, disinfect your hands well, and put your face near the steam of some boiling water, close enough so as not to burn or hurt you. In addition to this, you can add essences to the water, including herbs such as rosemary, which are excellent for deep cleaning pores and add good smell to the face. Why do we recommend this? Well, because when we want to make an exfoliation or we want the follicles of our face to absorb a material well, we need to open the pores. And this is done with heat. In addition to the option we give you, you can also try doing it with a warm cloth, just enough to feel the heat on your cheek.

Now that we’ve given you these tips, let’s get started!

Mask and their functions

●     Moisturizing mask:

This type of mask, as the name says, has the function of nourishing and moisturizing your skin through multiple products to keep your face glowing and with elasticity. It also increases the amount of water in the cells and allows the blood to flow in the best way.

Strawberries and honey mask

You need three strawberries to make this mask, which you will put on a plate, and with the help of a fork, you will mash them. After doing this, you will need a spoonful of honey, which you will apply to the mixture and mix well until it is a homogeneous mass. When it is a single cream, you should apply it to your face and let it rest for about 25 minutes. Then remove it with cold water. This helps your face to increase the production of facial collagen which will make your skin tighter.

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Banana mask

Take a medium-sized banana and mash it with a fork as much as you can. After this, you will need to place it gently on your face, rubbing it a little but avoiding direct contact with the main mucous membranes. In case you want a better saturation, you can apply some honey before applying it to the mixture. This will also make it easier to handle. Let it sit for about half an hour and then remove. After this treatment, you will feel how your skin recovers elasticity and softness, because of the antioxidant properties contained in this fruit.

Cucumber mask

To make the preparation we will need to cut into slices a medium cucumber, and then with a fork make it a sticky paste, without removing the seed or any of what it contains. After this, we must apply it to our face and let it rest for about 20 minutes so that the properties of the cucumber are applied to the skin. Your face will feel totally renewed and fresh instantly, ideal for the sunny seasons. It has high water and vitamin content, in addition to multiple oils that help blood circulation.

●     Exfoliating masks:

They are super useful for when we have extra pimples or when we need to remove much of the fat we have in our dermis. Do you need a deep cleansing? Maybe these masks will help you. Remember to check that you are not allergic to any of them before applying them.

Aspirin mask

The acid contained in aspirin, or in more exact words: Acetylsalicylic Acid has great properties to remove blackheads and dead skin that can be found in your dermis. Although you should analyze if you are allergic before applying it directly again.

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To use it we will need a pediatric aspirin since a higher denomination could be too strong for our skin. We are going to crush it and put it in a small cup with three tablespoons of honey. After this, you should proceed to apply it on your face as if it were cream, and do not leave it on your face for more than 8 minutes after its application. You can remove it only with water at room temperature and with the help of tissue since the skin is quite sticky. But be sure to do it in a circular motion. When you finish removing the excess, wash your face with a little cold water.

Lemon mask

You should take a few things into account before applying this treatment and any other that has this ingredient as the main protagonist. Although its properties keep your face healthy and exfoliated, if you do not take good care of it, it can affect you in the opposite way. You should only apply this treatment at night, it is not recommended for sunny periods, as it is quite harmful if it comes into contact with direct sunlight and can cause serious dermatitis or blemishes. If you have a reliable dermatologist, ask him/her about the application of this on your skin and ask for advice.

Let’s continue with the recipe! For it, we will need a half lemon and 3 tablespoons of sugar, which we will put together in a cup well mixed, and apply with small massages on the face. Try to make sure it adheres well to oily areas such as the nose or cheekbones; you can also add a few drops of green tea to add even more properties to your face and give it a good smell and softness. Finally, remove with cold water and do not go out in the sun for at least 24 hours.

Oatmeal and milk/yogurt face mask

These are ingredients that we can constantly get in our kitchen, whether we are people who maintain a healthy diet or just like these products. As you may already know, oatmeal is a superfood because of its high amount of nutrients and diuretic properties. Therefore it can also serve our face, leaving it perfect and radiant at the end of the day. But remember to use it enough, we don’t want you to run out of breakfast the next day. To make this mask we are going to need approximately 50g or 60g of oatmeal, a little milk or yogurt, whatever you have at home, and a little spoon of sugar. Where you need to apply the mask, that’s where you’ll do it. Leave it on for about 20 min and try to massage it in a little bit so it can get everything the mask needs. After removing it, you can apply some moisturizer for even more smoothness.

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●     Blemish removal masks:

Multiple things bring to our face small or big spots, it can be constant exposure to the sun lights and even a pimple that never fully came out; therefore it could have done a little damage to the dermis of the skin. Do not stress about it, here we bring you some remedies against them, and if they are not removed, they can be clarified.

Tomato Mask

A well-kept secret of our grandmothers, and its that their home remedies never fail, or at least not most of the time. To do this we will need a good-sized tomato, which we will crush with a fork and add a squeeze of the juice of half a lemon. After mixing it well, apply it on your face for about 20 minutes and then remove it with plenty of warm water. You can do this process at most twice a week and at night since it can stain your face if you do it in full sunlight.

Papaya and honey mask

It is also a good remedy for beach burns or an unwanted tan, Then the properties of papaya can easily lighten the skin after using it for a few weeks, in addition to the scars of possible pimples or any unwanted evil. To prepare it we will need half a cup of the pulp of papaya and we will crush it with a fork until we get a manageable paste. Then we will add a dash of honey and mix it until we can grab it with our fingers and it has the unique texture of honey. Then we must apply it on our face for half an hour and remove it with plenty of water. Use it twice a week, you will notice the changes1

Mask of aloe Vera, red lentils, and tomato juice

This is one of the most underrated but they are excellent and totally do their duty. This is mostly because of its main component: Aloe vera. In addition to being able to help us remove stains, it has multiple functions such as helping us with sunburns, healing wounds quickly, cleaning our stomach, among many other benefits. It is one of the most used medicinal plants worldwide because of the number of steroids and collagen that can be obtained from it. In addition to this, tomato is also widely used in cosmetics for its antioxidant and rejuvenating properties. In addition to the intense exfoliation that red lentils have.

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To make this mask we are going to soak a cup of lentils in a container for about half an hour, note that the water should be at a height in which you can no longer see any floating. After this, we are going to put them in the grinder with some of the aloe Vera crystal (which must be washed before use to remove the yellow slime) and also the pulp of one or two tomatoes, as you prefer. After this, you can apply it to your freshly washed face with warm water and after half an hour, you can remove it again.

●     Masks to reduce inflammation

This happens to use a lot, and imagine that day after a hangover or just after a good nap. You immediately go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and notice those giant bags under your eyes and how puffy your face looks. A common and very annoying scenario for everyone, isn’t it? But don’t suffer, we bring you some quick face masks that you can make at home with easy-to-get ingredients that will get rid of puffiness on your face in a second.

Coffee and cocoa mask

Thanks to the great amount of adenosine that coffee has, it serves as a great stimulator and anti-inflammatory for our face, so it is ideal if you need to lower the thickness of your face as soon as you wake up. To make our mask we will need a large spoon full of freshly ground coffee beans, then half a cup of milk, yogurt, or some liquid fairy that can give thickness to the mixture. It doesn’t matter if the milk is a vegetable. After this, you will apply 2 big spoonfuls of maple syrup or if you prefer, lemon juice, in case your skin is oily. After putting it all in a container you will mix it until it forms a thick cream that you can take with your hands. After this, you will apply it to your skin until you feel it is completely dry and that’s it! you can remove it with warm tissue.

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Cinnamon, coffee, and walnut face masks

These two ingredients have multiple functions, but they stand out in alternative medicine as great natural anti-inflammatories, in addition to their application can help the skin recover a little more. And they can even help to eventually disappear the scars of pimples or cuts on the face while exfoliating the skin.

To make it we will need honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bowl. Mainly we will put honey in a bain-marie in a saucepan so that it gets slightly warm, enough to be applied on the skin. After this, we will put everything in the container and we will mix it well until we get a homogeneous paste that we can apply on our face, avoiding mucous membranes such as the eyes. You can leave it to act on the face for a maximum of 20 minutes; the best would be to apply it until your feet are completely hard. Then we are going to take care of it with enough care of our face, with a wet and warm cloth. This is a circular way so that it makes a deep facial cleansing and you don’t damage your face.

We are done for today! We hope you find this information useful. Remember to repeat the process of masks about twice a week at most, because although they are natural products are quite functional, so you should also let your face rest for the mask to take effect. Nothing in excess is good, but if you do it twice a week for 4 weeks, we promise you will see improvement!

See you in the next article! Remember that we have a lot of this kind of article on our web pages.


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