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Izabel Baby Blonde Volumizer Hair Extensions

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16-inch & and 20-inch hair extensions
Best Quality
Made From 100% Real Human Hair
Free Shipping in the USA
Free Assistance Before Buying

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Frequently Asked Questions

The right type of Izabel Hair set to choose depends on the thickness of your hair and other factors. Clips-in extensions are suitable for people with all hair types, as are Seamless extensions. Halo extensions are ideal for thin and fragile hair. If you just want to add volume to your ponytail, ponytail extensions are the best but if you want to add volume to all your hair, the volumizer extensions are what you are looking for. All types of extensions should be chosen according to the color of your base hair.

It is a French coloring technique, which translates as sweeping. In this technique a slight lightening of the hair is done, in the form of degrades that give dimension and style. It usually  gives a natural look as if illuminated by the sun, with the lightest tone being concentrated at the ends. The colors to create the gradient effect on the base of the hair are usually chosen according to the skin tone to give light to the face.

The main element to consider when choosing the best color of balayage extensions is that your base hair color matches the root color of the extensions, so that the effect can look subtle and expertly done. The idea is that the extensions look as natural as possible and blend in with the color of your hair.

The difference between one type and the other is the band that binds the hair together, While Classic clip in hair extensions have a fabric band, the Seamless hair extensions are attached with a silicone portion which is more comfortable.

Our Highlight collections feature delicate highlights distributed along the entire length from the beginning to the end of the extension. This type is highly recommended for people who already have highlights so that they can fade into your hair, as the idea that you do not have to paint the extension.

Our Balayage collection has highlights 6 inches from the beginning of the extension, as the roots of the stands are a solid color so that they can blend in with your hair and create an effect of depth and dimension.

The clip-in extensions are a quick solution to add volume and long  to your hair because these are not permanent and allow you to take out and put in as you please. The clip-in are also compatible with any type of hair and are the ideal choice for starting out in the world of hair extensions. You can perfectly put in and take out yourself.

Remy hair extensions are the highest quality human hair in terms of extensions. The cuticles of the hair with which these extensions are madre are aligned, which allows a natural effect to be placed, blending easily with your hair.

Remy extensions are fully compatible with dyeing. You should only be careful with the time in which the coloring is done, because it can be damaged or dry if the time with the dye is extended too much. It is preferable that the coloring of the extensions is done by an expert or at least with professional dyes.

No, well placed extensions can fade into your natural hair, but it is advisable to have at least shoulder length hair so that you can choose from more types of extensions and the effect is better.

No, as long the extensions are well applied, distributed and the color matches your base color. The benefit of using good quality human hair extensions is that when you put in it will simply look like your natural hair.

Yes, it is absolutely necessary because better care of the extensions will fulfill or even extend the life of the extensions. It should be done with a little more care than the brushing you do to your natural hair but the effect it will always have is worth it.

Yes, it is absolutely necessary because better care of the extensions will fulfill or even extend the life of the extensions. It should be done with a little more care than the brushing you do to your natural hair but the effect it will always have is worth it.

It depends on the type of extensions you have. If you have fixed extensions, for obvious reasons you should sleep with this, but the extensions that are removable, as in the case of the clip-in or ponytail is more advisable to remove it before sleeping, because placing it is very simple and so there is less likely to get tangled while you sleep.

No, with proper care and placement, your hair should not suffer any damage. It is necessary to make sure in cases like clips-in extension that the hair is not very pulled tight when you attach the clips to avoid irritation of the scalp and pain in the area.

Yes, but the contact with all these things during prolonged periods of time can damage the hair fibers, in addition to losing the extension hydration and generate frizz, so it is advisable to wash it immediately after swimming or preferably not use it during these activities.

  • Brush the extension carefully when the fibers are dry, It is also important to comb it when you remove it so you can reduce tangles.
  • When washing the extensions use warm water and sulfate-free shampoo, then apply conditioner to keep it moisturized and make detangling easier.
  • Use a flatiron to straighten the hair and keep it in place. Natural hair extensions tend to wiggle after washing.
  • The color you choose depends entirely on your hair color and what you need. Ideally your base color hair should match the root color of the extensions to give a natural effect. This method also applies to balayage extensions. If you want to make a color effect with lighter or darker tones than your hair should choose from the color range of your hair so that the effect is subtle and blends in with your color. These methods are foolproof so that you extensions does not look like a wig or draw unwanted attention to it.

  • With proper care and also depending on the use you give to your extensions can last from one years to two, because our extensions are made with the highest quality Remy hair on the market.

  • Yes, it is only necessary to give it the proper care. As these are made of natural hair, the maintenance is very similar to your hair, you only need to make a tail or braid to reduce the chances of tangles. Keep doing sports, showing off your fabulous mane.

  • When washing the extensions use shampoo with few chemicals, which are not strong and preferably without sulfates, which are moisturizing. Also use conditioners that protect your hair against damage. The use of heat protectors from flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons is also allowed. Try not to overuse these products.

  • Anyone with basic skills can install hair extensions. Most of our products are easy to install, you just have to be aware to camouflage it with your hair in the right way and not to place it too high on your head because the clips or bands can be seen. You can follow tutorials that are on the internet to place it and you will see that your hair will be fabulous and without traces of being extensions.


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