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Mixed base of reds and browns with delicate blonde undertones. Combination that brings out the depth and multidimensionality of the shades.

Black, brown and red tones come together to form a vibrant and remarkable color. Lighter shade among the blacks whose reflections generate cold and red shades.

Cooler version among the dark browns. Dark brown shade with delicate blends of ashy brown colors.

Brown sparkles with ashy undertones on a dark brown base, generating an effect of subtle sparks by the union of warm and cold tones.

Golden highlights on a dark brown base produce a gradation of tones. The mixture of dirty blonde tones with such a dark brown give the sensation of delicate sparkles as if it were always in the sunlight.

A medium brown and broadly rich brown tone. This union of warm and cool undertones gives the feeling of solid depth.

Light brown highlights on a dark brown base with contrasting warm and cool tone effects. Recommended for highlighted hair as the light brown light creates different dimensions in the hair.

Union of light brown and ash blonde tones that evoke the golden color. The presence of light brown gives depth to the blonde.

Ash blonde highlights on golden base. Shades of blonde that create cool and warm lights by the union of dirty blonde and ash blonde. Ideals of hair with highlights.

This is one of the blackest shades in our catalog, with blue lights. The presence of the blue tone in the black adds shine and sparkles that make it stand out even more.

Perfect combination of brown and light blonde tones. The mixture of colors evokes a lighter shade of the spice, with slight reddish tones.

Bronde highlights on a mocha brown base. The mix of the shades creates delicate lights as if always exposed to the sun.

Brown flashes on a mocha brown base. The combination of shades generates an effect of dark to light gradients.

Ideas for use on highlighted hair. Golden highlights on a mocha brown base that when layered on top of each other create depth and dimension through the union of brown and dirty blonde.

Subtle platinum blonde highlights on a natural blonde base. Combination of ash tones that creates highlights that give dimension and body to the color. Ideals for a general color effect without damaging your hair

natural blonde with delicate ash tones.The subtle blend of ash tones is ideal for blonde hair protected from the sun.

Flashes of a chocolate brown color on a muted black base, creates a color gradient effect ideal for use and does not mistreat your hair.

One of the Blackest shades in our catalog, almost similar to jet black. It has delicate brown shades for overall light and intensity.

Totally frosted effect with large ashy touche. It is the lightest shade in our catalog that with the mixture of cool blonde tones, generates a bold and striking contrast of light.

Platinum blonde highlights on a sandy blonde base.Shades of different blonde tones create depth and light cool beige and ash undertones. Gradient effect from dark to light.

Cooler version of ash blonde. Light beige and ash tones blend together to create a vibrant, on-trend color.

Cooler type of brown than ash brown. Light ash-brown shades are joined with light, light grayish tones that give contrast and layering to the brown color.

A blend of blondes, beiges and light browns that create bright and fresh contras. The subtle highlights produce a vibrant soft effect by the union of light tones.

The darkest shade among our browns. Brown undertones of different shades that evoke the very popular espresso.

Ash-brown highlights on a dark brown base, which together create subtle light from the mix of warm and cool tones.

A light and shiny brown shade, the result of mixing soft and neutral undertones with cool undertones. The union of these tones brings out the delicacy of the brown.

Powerful, bright blonde with golden and ash undertones that make the color even more vibrant. It is the perfect choice if you need a light blonde color without being totally platinum.

Ideals for highlighted hair. Sand blonde highlights on an ash brown base add depth and illumination to the hair.

Soft ash blonde highlights mixed in a dirty blonde base, a union that generates subtle lights by the mix of cool and warm tones.

Delicate blonde gold highlights mixed with a bronde base. Mixture of shades that generates subtles lights by the union of blonde and brown.

Union of blonde and brown tones. Blend that produces a dazzling effect right in the middle of the two tones. Luminous and fresh result.

Preferred and most suitable for highlighted hair. Combination of golden tones over a chestnut brown base. Subtle dirty blonde tones create layering and shimmer over the brown base.

Light brown highlights over a deep chocolate brown base create a tonal gradient effect. Subtle blends of warm brown tones make the delicate blonde look vibrant in sunlight.

A color resulting from the union of red and subtle blonde tones reminiscent of dessert. A quality shade that with its almost imperceptible sparkles generates a remarkable blend.

Chestnut browns with delicate dirty blonde blends take the color combination to another level. Warn golden tones create subtle highlights.

A marriage of brown and gold tones that produce subtle shimmering effects.

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