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A hairstyle that will look amazing based on your face shape

A hairstyle that will look amazing based on your face shape

If we are going to choose a hairstyle, we need more than just digging on Instagram about the latest hairstyle trends, or about that celebrity you admire so much that you want to follow her footsteps to the letter. If you need to look different you need to think about the smallest to the biggest details, and the main drawback when it comes to cutting your hair is your facial features. Of course, it also has to do with your style and taste. If you know how to choose the ideal cut, you can frame your face and highlight those little details that make you beautiful in a natural way, without even using makeup.

We must be careful because of their ability to change, for example, a single fringe cut can make you look older depending on your facial features and even your measurements. For this reason, we insist that you should make an analysis of your face before requesting any change of look with your personal stylist. So there is no discontent for any of the two persons that are involved in the change of look of a person.

Although this also depends a lot on the cut, for example, short hair can be a bit more sophisticated and serious than long hair, as the latter always ends up adding more softness to the face and taking our age off our shoulders. It also allows you to recreate new hairstyles, while short hair, although it can be very varied, is more daring and concise- Do you see how everything changes with just a few centimeters of difference? That’s what we’re talking about!

This also applies to the hair color you may want to apply because depending on the shades you can soften or strengthen facial features. An example of this is that dark shades such as brown or mahogany tend to harden the facial features a bit more than light brown shades, which add a bit more brightness to the face. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to also take into account what we want with our new look and discuss it with our stylist.

We already told you the basics, but we are missing something, how do we know what type of face do you have? Here we explain it to you, keep reading!

Types of faces

●     Square face

They are easy to notice, and square faces keep the chin and forehead quite thick, so these two parts are symmetrical. Also, the fact that they have the same proportions, both in length and width, giving that impression of being a “Bo”. If you have this type of face, feminine touches will suit you much better. In clothing, don’t be afraid to combine monochromatic colors, you will look gorgeous!

When it comes to makeup, it is good to try to soften the corners of the face, either by adding blush or color to the cheekbones. Try to make it a little thinner by making a contrast between shadows and shimmer. If your eyes are small, which is in most cases the first problem, try not to add too much color, neutral and natural tones will be a winning combination.

●     Oval face

This is one of the most desirable face types among all women because this face type looks good with everything you wear! It is incredibly versatile so you don’t have to worry about wearing a ponytail or short hair, everything will look fabulous.

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It is defined by being a face with great proportions in terms of width in the cheeks and is slightly smaller in the jaw and forehead area. Giving that characteristic oval shape we have been talking about.

●     Rectangular face

Something similar to the square, so similar at times that we can even get confused. But it is that although it has somewhat square corners, it is a little longer. It can be a straight line between the crown, cheekbones, and jaw. When styling this, we need to try to shorten that longline across our face a little bit more. One tip we give you is to try to extend our eyes with subtle eyeliner towards the corners of the hair. As well as a somewhat bold blush on the top of the cheekbones.

●     Elongated face

It is the sister of the triangular face, but it has many differences. Among them, the chin is not like an arrow, but somewhat squarer and longer. It is a beautiful type of face, but it has the sin of being too long, so when it comes to make-up it is necessary to shorten the shape of the face a little more. This can be done by darkening the critical parts such as the chin and forehead and placing neutral colors in the central part, the more natural the better. This way we won’t look too overdone and we can wear our look everywhere. We can put a little blush in light pink tones on the cheeks to draw attention to that area of the face, and we should not overdo it with eyeliner.

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●     Diamond face

Another of the most coveted by women. Its features are guided by an annular shape in the forehead, also in the area of the cheeks and chin, something similar to the oval face. it tends to be a little thicker in the lateral parts of the face and a little less wide in the upper part of the same face. If we can give you a tip when doing your makeup, it is that you will need to darken the lower points a little more and lighten the side points more. This will give a little more symmetry to your face.

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●     Inverted triangle face

Another one often seen on Hollywood stars, will there be favoritism with them? This one has hard features, has a thicker top than the chin area, and is arrow-shaped at the bottom. Plus the cheekbones are quite prominent. We’ll give you a tip, and that is that this type of face, despite what people think, looks great with natural tones. Just look at Anne Hathaway! You can put a little blush of pinker tones on the cheeks and in case of coloring your lips, it is the only area that could take a striking color. Like a deep red. Neutral colors like brown or gray are totally perfect, we almost think they were made for this type of face.

Flattering haircuts for every face type

We have reached the most awaited part of our article! Pay attention, do you already know what type of face you have? Then go ahead!

●     Square face:

As we had said before, this hair type tends to have a lot of strong features, therefore our basis for cutting the hair will be to try to take away as much roughness from the face and soften the lower and outer corners. Despite what you may think, bangs are great for this type of face. It is an effective way to cover problem areas and give a little more harmony to our faces. However, it depends on the type of bangs we are talking about, as those that are elongated and somewhat voluminous will not look good on you. While those that have more mobility and can be combed to the side will be a total success.

You can try cutting your hair in layers, giving it a little more mobility and shape, and you can add more volume. The perfect hairstyle for this type of face would be one that has a lot of volume above and below the temples and jawline. In addition to a medium cut hair and some light tones such as brown.

●     Oval face:

We don’t know what to tell you here, you can really wear whatever you want and everything will look good on you! You have an excellently proportioned face, so you can wear all three haircuts without any problem. If we can give you a few tips, if you want to be a little more proportional you can opt for bob cuts or if you want long hair, you can do some low curls and bangs, also some other technique like balayage or bleach in light colors. Experiment with whatever catches your eye!

●     Long face

One of the most common and beautiful in society. But many people make an egregious mistake, and that is to wear long hair with this type of face. Why do we say that? Well, because our hair already has quite elongated features, adding a little more height will make our face stretch a little more, which can add a few years on top. If we can recommend an ideal cut, it would be shoulder-length hair. Even though they are still a bit long, they brighten up the face and can be slightly shorter. Layers are also quite nice for this type of face and even more if we add some small curls in the back parts of our hair. A perfect hairstyle would be to add a lot of volume in the lower part of the face, add a long fringe and try not to gather the hair or wear it completely straight. Try to play with it and its shapes a little bit.

●     Diamond face

Another perfect face that we don’t have so many tips to give, just like the oval face it’s very complicated that something doesn’t suit you, so you can experiment with anything! We can suggest a bit more loops at the top of the hair 80s style. Also if you want to bleach it, chunky highlights will be your best ally as they look great on this type of face. Just look at Jennifer Aniston, or if you want a tougher look, cut your hair down to your ears, would you dare? Remember you can experiment with anything.

●     Triangle face

This is another one that is quite common among movie stars, we can recommend that you add volume wherever and however you want. Especially in the upper and lower jaw area. It is not recommended to use prominent bangs, and neither are they frizzy. Here we believe that less is more, so a bob cut in the front will be enough, or a small, short, simple fringe. You decide how to wear it.

It’s ideal for long hair that is not too long, but shoulder length, and try to add volume to the chin. Curly hair is ideal for this type of hair, but in case you have straight hair, try to comb in the opposite line to what is usually done to add volume at the ends. In case you want to wear your hair short, bob cuts or below the ears are very nice looks

Were you surprised, did you learn a little more about your face type? We hope you did! Remember that we have more content on our website, so do not stay with the desire to read, you can recommend it to a friend who is about to make a radical makeover or maybe it will encourage you to try something new, who knows.

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We hope it has been very useful! If you want that long-awaited change of look, don’t forget to stop by the products area to delight yourself with the number of things we have available for you, from short to long extensions, and in all colors, even curly, wavy or with small highlights, do you want to make a change of look without damaging your hair, then we are the right ones for you! don’t miss the opportunity to be your best version and create envy among all the workers in your office, the people in your neighborhood, or just give yourself a treat. Also, remember that you are beautiful and that whatever you put on your head should be with your consent and only because you feel comfortable with it.

It doesn’t matter what you wear, but how you wear it and your attitude when you have it. See you in the next post!


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