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Question 1

How do I choose the right Izabel Hair set?.

The right type of Izabel Hair set to choose depends on the thickness of your hair and other factors. Clips-in extensions are suitable for people with all hair types, as are Seamless extensions. Halo extensions are ideal for thin and fragile hair. If you just want to add volume to your ponytail, ponytail extensions are the best but if you want to add volume to all your hair, the volumizer extensions are what you are looking for. All types of extensions should be chosen according to the color of your base hair.

Question 2

What is the difference between Classic and Seamless hair extensions?

The difference between one type and the other is the band that binds the hair together, While Classic clip in hair extensions have a fabric band, the Seamless hair extensions are attached with a silicone portion which is more comfortable.

Question 3

What are the advantages of Clip-In extensions?

The clip-in extensions are a quick solution to add volume and long to your hair because these are not permanent and allow you to take out and put in as you please. The clip-in are also compatible with any type of hair and are the ideal choice for starting out in the world of hair extensions. You can perfectly put in and take out yourself.

Question 4

Can I dye the extensions?

Remy extensions are fully compatible with dyeing. You should only be careful with the time in which the coloring is done, because it can be damaged or dry if the time with the dye is extended too much. It is preferable that the coloring of the extensions is done by an expert or at least with professional dyes.

Question 5

Do I need to have long hair to get extensions?

No, well placed extensions can fade into your natural hair, but it is advisable to have at least shoulder length hair so that you can choose from more types of extensions and the effect is better.

Question 6

Can hair extensions be seen?

No, as long the extensions are well applied, distributed and the color matches your base color. The benefit of using good quality human hair extensions is that when you put in it will simply look like your natural hair.

Question 7

Can I sleep with extensions?

It depends on the type of extensions you have. If you have fixed extensions, for obvious reasons you should sleep with this, but the extensions that are removable, as in the case of the clip-in or ponytail is more advisable to remove it before sleeping, because placing it is very simple and so there is less likely to get tangled while you sleep.

Question 7

Will the extensions damage my natural hair?

No, with proper care and placement, your hair should not suffer any damage. It is necessary to make sure in cases like clips-in extension that the hair is not very pulled tight when you attach the clips to avoid irritation of the scalp and pain in the area.

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