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What People Say About Izabel Hair

Karen Sendler

My friend suggested me to try Izabel extensions. And Im a very very doubtful person when it comes to adding something to my hair. After trying the blonde ponytail I'm terrifically amazed of how amazing it looks on me. Love the quality!

Nepherew Pitou

Made my mother as a birthday gift a part of extensions last week from Izabel. I couldn't believe the price was real based on what I got. My mom freaking loved it. Both of us have found an amazing choice to improve our daily looks. Will always recommend.

Namila McKnoder

It's my second time purchasing from Izabel. Loved the support I received since I was having doubts about my face shape. I could feel the power and confidence since before I purchased my extensions. Unbelievable how amazing a small change can be.

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Effortless To Use

You are the best hairstylist. Clipping Hair Extensions is incredibly easy to do yourself at home without any professional assistance.

On-The-Spot Length

No need to wait long times for your hair growth or to recover from a bad haircut. That is why Izabel Hair will give on-the-spot length without having to wait.

More Volume

The incredible sets of Izabel will reshape your hair from flat into magical voluminous. Get the sexy fullness that you always loved. And take it off whenever you like.

Hair Extensions Collections by Izabel Hair

How do you know which are the best hair extensions? There are many variations of hair extensions on the market, but that doesn’t mean that they are all excellent quality products. When it comes to something as intimate as hair extensions, we need to feel confident that we are getting the best product and we don’t have to worry about them getting damaged after the first wash.

Using hair extensions is the best kept secret of many girls, that’s why making a good purchase requires a good budget. Investing in a quality product will allow them to last a long time and look much more natural. At the end of the day, that’s all we want to achieve.

Hair has a lot of power when it comes to feminine appearance, well treated and cared for hair can help you look polished, more beautiful, while bad hair can make you look destroyed, haggard. Long, shiny locks are a sign of good health and youth. This is because aging makes our hair thinner.

Today we feel we have a commitment to all the girls who want to keep their hair shiny, full of life, and above all beautiful, for all those who still feel young and free. That is why we sell online the best types of human hair extensions and you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Which are better: natural or synthetic hair extensions?

When you enter the world of hair extensions you should always ask what material they are made of, if they are real human hair extensions or if they are made of some kind of synthetic material. Natural hair extensions are much more durable and as you would expect, they blend in better with your own hair, making it appear longer and fuller naturally.

It is true that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of wearing human hair extensions or maybe they can’t afford them, but we must inform you that you can’t use colors on synthetic hair extensions. Also, you will not be able to use blow dryers or other hair tools. While, when using natural hair extensions, they can withstand any treatment, whether it is straightening, curling or whatever you want. And at Izabel Hair, we only provide you with the best quality 100% real human hair extension.

Remy Hair Extensions

In the world of natural hair extensions, Remy Hair extensions are internationally recognized as the highest quality. This makes them the example to follow when it comes to excellent quality hair care. But you have to be extremely careful when buying them, as there are websites that sell hair extensions supposedly made of “Remy” hair, but they usually are scams.

The answer to this question I think you already know, but we will explain.

We all know that synthetic hair extensions will never be as good as natural hair extensions, especially if they are Remy. Having shiny, natural hair is not something that can be duplicated, that’s why if you want true quality hair extensions, you should opt for natural hair extensions.

Of course, you can! And even when you buy them in a light color you can dye them to any color you want. You have a range of possibilities at your fingertips that you just need to choose to explore.

At this point, you know all you need to know about hair extensions and their types, choose wisely which one is best for you. Just keep in mind that whatever model you choose, you must know what products you need to deal with each of them. Also, you can get a color match for free. 

We have good news for you! Izabel Hair is one of the best places to buy hair extensions online. We offer Remy hair of excellent quality and different shades to satisfy your desires for a change of look. Shop the best extensions online with us, and you’ll be back for more!


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