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A one and done solution.

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New comes in 2 lengths!


Beautiful everytime.

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Add length and beauty!


A one and done solution.


Neat and beautiful!

Izabel Hair is the best choice when it comes to hair extensions.


Why Izabel Hair?

Izabel Hair Extensions

Izabel Hair Transformation

What People Say About Izabel Hair

Karen Sendler

My friend suggested me to try Izabel extensions. And Im a very very doubtful person when it comes to adding something to my hair. After trying the blonde ponytail I'm terrifically amazed of how amazing it looks on me. Love the quality!

Nepherew Pitou

Made my mother as a birthday gift a part of extensions last week from Izabel. I couldn't believe the price was real based on what I got. My mom freaking loved it. Both of us have found an amazing choice to improve our daily looks. Will always recommend.

Namila McKnoder

It's my second time purchasing from Izabel. Loved the support I received since I was having doubts about my face shape. I could feel the power and confidence since before I purchased my extensions. Unbelievable how amazing a small change can be.

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Effortless To Use

You are the best hairstylist. Clipping Hair Extensions is incredibly easy to do yourself at home without any professional assistance.

On-The-Spot Length

No need to wait long times for your hair growth or to recover from a bad haircut. That is why Izabel Hair will give on-the-spot length without having to wait.

More Volume

The incredible sets of Izabel will reshape your hair from flat into magical voluminous. Get the sexy fullness that you always loved. And take it off whenever you like.